Pokemon Go – Possible Legendary Locations

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Pokemon Go Gameplay brings you a brand new episode! Today I will be sharing with you the possible location for all the legendary pokemons scattered across the globe once Pokemon Go Launches!

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36 Responses

  1. Chris Conant says:

    Dear Douglas, I just wanted you to know that we went to Mauna Loa at Volcano National Park in Hawaii like you said but the problem is the Legendary pokemon Moltres is not here. We can't get to the top of the mountain because the road path is closed due to a poison gas that the Rangers had shut down the path. I did the best I could. Can you let me know that the Legendary Pokemon Moltres is there or not? Thanks, Chris

  2. Tom Poliak says:

    I captured Pikachu in The Hawaiian Islands.

  3. Cleyton PS says:

    sempre o Brasil ficando de lado

  4. Manny Singh says:

    hoopa is the only pokemon im near and hoopa is my least favorite

  5. Miguel Sonic says:

    This is going to fairless for most people Who want all pokemon s but they cant travel for those placas

  6. less legendary in europe 🙁

  7. You will get the legendary birds depending on your team.

  8. Henry Couch says:

    These Pokemon aren't even in the game?!

  9. Henry Couch says:

    He said 10 hours was half of the day😂😂

  10. Most of them did kinda come together but guys remember trading xD we can catch them all

  11. When you know someone is stupid to think that a pokemon would be at area 51 totally not going to get shot – -_(- _ -)_– (Wtf is this guy thinking area fucking 51) oh wait time to hack my game (its not offical) fuck im going to get banned xD (that last part about hacking it was jk)

  12. maxi9YT says:

    This guy is so stupid how the fuck a simple people with no especial equipament go to the everest

  13. Kyreum should be located in Alaska/ Canada/ US.

  14. Zekrom should be located over most cites/ Thunder Bay.

  15. Reshiram should be located in Canada/ US.

  16. i find archeus!!! but… i was in italy,in rome

  17. it is events with your team u dont go find them

  18. J ST says:

    who the fuck will go to the marianas trench just to catch kyogre

  19. Who'd like to join me to go find a Celebi in the fucking jungle!?

  20. My theory is that articuno is at the higghest mountain of your Country, like French: Mont blanc.

  21. DJ Pictures says:

    How do you get Latios and Latias on Pokemon Go?

  22. Pro-S Gamez says:

    Wow wow wow
    1. Deoxys in Area 51?
    2. Palkia in Bermuda Triangle?
    What dafuq

  23. Lexton24 says:

    anyone think darckri could be at the black mail box?

  24. i fucking hate this video the guy is gay and a freaking bitch yah you heard me bitches

  25. Fredholm ayy says:

    you are so stupid those pokemons isnt Even out yet

  26. Eliad654 says:

    Mew is in Israel i saw it there on my trip its right on the exit from the airport in Tel aviv i couldnt catch it 🙁

  27. I think each country will have every legendary somewhere I doubt Nintendo would make people go to Area 51 and Mount Everest has no connection sooooo

  28. Hmm people keep commenting that they doubt pokemon go will make people travel for the legendaries… that's pretty selfish American thinking if you ask me! Do you expect all events to be in North America?? There are players all over the world!

  29. Very cool! You were definitely right in that there will be large events for legendaries, and for the them to be in a location that suits them would be AMAZING


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