Pokemon Go TIPS & HACKS You Should Know

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Idk about you guys but I have been playing PokemonGo nonstop lately! It’s quite addicting and I wanted to share some of my favorite tips/hacks that i think you should know! comment below if you have any more of your own you want to share! xoxo Allie

Article that inspired this video w/ map:

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6 Responses

  1. JayLink11 says:

    I've painfully gained 550 coins completely from gyms… While my family just buy them. I refuse to give in!

  2. Keisha K says:

    thanks for these, in gonna try the Google opinion rewards

  3. Cindy Ejindu says:

    The battery saver doesn't really work until you turn your phone upside down . When you turn it upside down the screen gets darker and you can see it says pokemon go on it . It doesn't work any other time unless your phone is upside down

  4. Night Angel says:

    Okay you seriously have THE BEST intros. I haven't started playing yet, but… I might. This'll come in handy if and when I do.

  5. Derivia says:

    I found out about how to get Pikachu after I'd already chosen Bulbasaur and gotten to lvl 6. I had a lot of Pokemon, but I started over just to get Pikachu because he and Bayleef are my favorite Pokemon ever. I just ran out of poke balls for the first time today. I didn't even know I could. Luckily, I leveled up and got 15 more after that.
    Another thing that I learned was not to catch every Pokemon I see, especially not ones who have a cp that is less than 50.
    Also, thanks for telling me I can pick up poke balls that don't catch anything. I had no idea lol.

  6. Jessica Jean says:

    Im so early ?? omg your hair? is it a wash n go ?

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