PRO 11K SOLO SCRIM WIN (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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34 Responses

  1. Asturx says:

    POACH if you pin this you are the best.

  2. Ram Lee says:

    Did u miss the req or something

  3. Can I please get the link to the pro cord (discord) I wanna play scrims

  4. Adam says:

    My best scrims win is 5 kills lol

  5. Does he stream on Twitch?

  6. Carl Hanson says:

    He makes it look so easy.. ?

  7. SN4 PT says:

    7:34 why is she shield bar not fully 100% and when it says it is

  8. This guy is fr actually the best fortnite player ever remember when he killed 9 Pro stream snipers ? luv keep it up ❤️

  9. Uritenez says:

    What does solo scrim mean

  10. 11 kills, i mean like 4 or 5 were decent players

  11. Caze says:

    How do you get into these scrims? I wanna get into them ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ nice vid made my day one of the best streamers and players out there who produce great content like this daily!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Nick Silva says:

    What pro scrim discord does he play on?

  13. CP5 Gaming says:

    Lmao I would be hype af at the end? how is he so humble

  14. Gets 11 kills in a pro scrim even tho 90% were bots hahaha

  15. nigahiga878 says:

    calling everybody who isn't pro a bot…….

  16. Poach u an Iowa state fan? I saw u wearing a shirt

  17. Tatael says:

    Je bent toch van Nederland eh?

  18. Dja Mel says:

    My favorite player ❤️

  19. Nick Ellis says:

    Where were the scrim players lol

  20. Younes Djak says:

    Damn bro you are put there playing aggressive on these pros like it's a normal public match , gg man , great player

  21. ReapZ says:

    Why is my res looking so bad on a iphone X?

  22. I feel like POACH lowkey wanna be Secret_Mongraal

  23. Tony Soprano says:

    End game pro scrims are resident sleeper

  24. WarSkater says:

    literally a god on every game, good shit poach

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