PRO FORTNITE MOBILE PLAYER // 470+ Wins // Fortnite Mobile Gameplay Tips & Tricks

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FAST MOBILE BUILDER // 470+ Wins // Fortnite Mobile Gameplay Tips & Tricks

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30 Responses

  1. NathanScooby says:

    He is versing noobs. Most of the people don’t even attack him. And just saying this isn’t fast at all and it doesn’t have pro gameplay. Also, how do we know you have 478 wins? Tracker Network doesn’t do Mobile. So you could be lying. Your gameplay is average so I would recommend writing different titles for your video like, “Fun gameplay on Mobile!” Instead of Pro mobile player. I bet you many people could beat you. Stop being over confident and saying Pro Mobile player.

  2. How do you enter these tournaments if you’re allowed too?

  3. CrunchyLambo says:

    Add me MiezlLambonao Add me Pro Mobile Player

  4. ShaquyX says:

    Does he use tap to fire?

  5. Toasted Sock says:

    why didnt he pick up the shotgun tho but you are a king for fortnite mobile imagine you on pc

  6. You are the best do you have a twitch account

  7. sport boi says:

    Where did you get fortnite

  8. John Matias says:

    insane mobile player damn ?

  9. fram maltez says:

    I have 500 plus wins on mobile

  10. Yuli Bar says:

    Where the hell does he switches structures?

  11. Dory Song says:

    Why can’t I swipe while holding the shoot or build button

  12. EZMEGAZ says:

    Fucck You man xd You pro

  13. Chad Adaza says:

    What happened to his duck bucks?

  14. Jaime_FANG says:

    Our schedules are so conflicting I’m trying to get you on your live stream! But anyways keep on killing it quack daddy! You are the man!

  15. What servers do you play on?

  16. Does anyone know how to fix the kill feed in fortnite mobile please help

  17. Have you ever tired creative destruction

  18. can you friend me on ipad im good i got 30 wins in solo 25 duos wins and squads 21 my name is nebly_Ethan i some skins plz add me

  19. And start breaking furniture in some houses u can get up to 300 wood from furniture

  20. I’ve won over 500 dollars on fortnite mobile tournaments

  21. I hate when people claim to be pros but they aren’t there building is decent but not pro and most can’t even tap fire they just spam

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