Pro Player Vs Aimbot Hacker! Fortnite Op & Funny Moments

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26 Responses

  1. The first one I hate because it’s Tfue and he says to much bad words and fun fact u know what he didn’t have a skin because he is poor LOL ?HATE U TFUE like if u hate Tfue and like ninja more

  2. SolarTSG says:

    When someone hits u “AIMBOTTER!”

  3. sharp boy says:

    He said fucking loser suck my dick

  4. Isacc Jacob says:

    Suck my dick what the helll

  5. Spill 56 says:


  6. Halle Vrana says:

    tfue is the best noob ever

  7. ninja is better than tfue

  8. ibrahim yo says:

    I will kill player XD at fortnite because I am a pro.

  9. ibrahim yo says:

    Who are the YouTubers I never watched them tell me so I can send them a challenge like I send tfue?

  10. ibrahim yo says:

    I want you to make a video where you kill ninja and other YouTuber if you do it I will send you the next you the next challenge you die and you will be a noob.

  11. ibrahim yo says:

    Are you tfue tell me?

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