PS4 "FORTNITE" CONSOLE UNBOXING! Playstation 4 Pro Fortnite Battle Royale Bundle + Bomber Skin

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Unboxing PS4 Pro Fortnite Battle Royale bundle & Slim console bundles. Royale Bomber skin and 500 v-bucks – but no limited edition console paint. Same price as regular PS4 Pro & Slim tho! (at least over here)
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49 Responses

  1. Dame una ps4 tu tienes muchas

  2. Can I have your ps4 .

  3. Chaz says:

    Hi do you come from Sweden

  4. tylor tayah says:

    I mostly liked on all of your videos

  5. tylor tayah says:

    Can i get one ps4 pro never had one i still have xbox360

  6. Mayank Jain says:

    Yes I am fan of fortnire

  7. im so jealous i want one ps4

  8. Trini Store says:

    How do not play fortnite But tell them friends they they play fortnite

  9. PUBG fans hit like here

  10. Minecraft fans hit like here

  11. Defaulty Boi says:

    1 like = me getting a victory royale

  12. Lion_313 _ says:

    is this supposed to be asmr

  13. G_ G says:

    Playstation more like gays-station am I right?

  14. You can now Download Fortnite on PS4 Without Disk

  15. Let me guess in the head to toe right ??

  16. moose egg says:

    ?this guy is getting paid to open a ps4 on camera

  17. How do u purchase Fortnite CD Please Where do u buy or do u Download?

  18. JOSH GAMERS says:

    4:30 you did in the beginning ?

  19. Preeti Jain says:

    Knife lovers like here

  20. James Powell says:

    Are u even going to use that

  21. Tammie Rosas says:

    Can I have a ps4 Fortnite bundle

  22. Is for a time to play fortnite free on ps4 ? Or can i play every time on ps4 or no

  23. Cuanto te costo amigo?

  24. los ter says:

    Como si fuera navidad destapelo bien hp

  25. EKZ_Saus says:

    I redeemed it on my ps app vuz i have no ps4 i connencted the accs but i did not get the items?

  26. Soy Batman says:

    Double unboxing great!

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