PVE UPRISING! Overwatch Uprising Update (New Skins & Mode Gameplay)

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Overwatch Uprising is the latest update to hit Overwatch and with it a slew of new skins and other collectibles as well as new PvE Mode – Uprising!
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overwatch update

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44 Responses

  1. Reinhardt is 61 and Ana is 60

  2. D K says:

    so tracer was six because shes 26 lol what are they thinking

  3. hAWk_ says:

    This should be a part of the game instead of just an event

  4. fighter5583 says:

    This looks like one of those modes where you REALLY wish you could play as bastion for point and click adventure.

  5. Who doesn't love res heads

  6. I wish they could bring stuff like this back

  7. What's the name of the giant four eye and four legged robot

  8. Cliff Kinney says:

    What if your team started shooting he with the orisa skin and the other team would not kill you??

  9. Dey Faina says:

    Does this need PS plus to play

  10. 2018 uprising is back yay I’m in 2018 not 2017

  11. Ummm….I'm confused where I live its still April 9th……lol

  12. i can not believe i did not skip the ad cause it was deadpool 2

  13. bacca man says:

    Mr fruit I play halo of course I know the halo reference

  14. When fruit said "It's in tank mode!" A tank.io ad came up ?

  15. Cause I’m a huge robot and I like null sector

  16. Dude when did this come out what moth was nullsector day

  17. Hanzo is so awesome and he never gets any skins???????

  18. You know my name is Gabriel can you stop saying those words

  19. Bastion have a Null Sector skin…. but Mr Fruit didn't notice… R.I.P Null sector Bastion 20XX – 2XXX

  20. You called a epic a legendary

  21. mr. fruit I got cazy one that tank hes name is bt 7178

  22. Ben Pagan says:

    Rinheart is 61 years old

  23. That's not zen
    it's his brother

  24. DefaultyBoii says:

    When you play Uprising Event game will they automatically equip Uprising Skin for you

  25. Tomas Lungo says:

    Y did he say noooooooooo wen he got Mcree legendary

  26. Mojo Jobo says:

    Now we need a AI controlled Captain Amari and Strike Commander Morrius and Reyes.(no one cares about spelling)

  27. I wonder what uprising will be like with mercys new ult

  28. Finally something happened in england

  29. xjayden 7526 says:

    And I live it because its purple

  30. Eyeless Jack says:

    Who is mr fruit: my favorite ytr

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