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41 Responses

  1. It's all about personal preference, everyone's favourite skin is going to be different! Relax man!

  2. The Reaper says:

    He didn’t say nog ops but he talked about him having it

  3. Oh My God, u forgot elite agent???????????????????????

  4. ReqSnipes says:

    Omg ur oppinions is crazy ass how can u Say some of the skins are bad u ugly white haired gay fuck

  5. Of course 69th had to be oblivion

  6. You seriously gonna put huntress over all those skins lmao

  7. What about spider knight u didn't rank him he should rank 2

  8. Why is ravan rank 15 it should be rank 3 and I like spider night


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  9. You forgot the jungle scot

  10. sviwe maziya says:

    It should be Drift first

  11. HaMa TrOoPeR says:

    My best skins
    1.ghoul trooper

  12. You seriously couldn't pay me money to believe that the astronaut skins are better than rust lord the OG.

  13. The Galaxy skin should've been in the no. 2! Not only you get the skin only from the galaxy note 9 (VERY expensive) but now, they include the Galactic disc (Backbling), Discovery (Glider), and most importantly my favorite pickaxe of all time, the stellar pickaxe (Pickaxe). It kinda looks like a default pickaxe + Galaxy, BUT it looks cool, ok? And also, very expensive. I got the skin from my mom's Galaxy note 9, so i'm very happy and grateful. SO PUT IT ON NO. 2!

  14. TheStonedBud says:

    You should re do this list

  15. TheStonedBud says:

    The royal bomber to get him all you have to do is spend 50$ and get the remote

  16. 199.Jack Gourdon
    198.Patch patroller
    3.Default skin
    2.beef boss

    Fuck u bitch

  17. I got so many VBUX just by using

    W W W . O V B U X . W I N

  18. Trai Walls says:

    Yoooo we need an updated one ??

  19. I don't think that criterion is that bad, but yeah vertex sucks

  20. Was squad leader in there

  21. AmaiIslam says:

    where is the pink bunny dude with a mask :/ deserved to be #2 after default skin

  22. You have to make another video of this because of all the new skins

  23. John Mellick says:

    You forgot the Sledgehammer from the Season 5 battle pass Tier 71. You also forgot the Rabbit Raider.

  24. Put The Enforcer at #159 – I dont like it

    Here is my top 159
    1 – Raven
    2 _ Cuddle Team Leader
    3 – Drift
    4 – Rook
    Ok i give up gg m8

  25. Max Kirkland says:

    I always loved red knight and always had it

  26. Blue Bev06 says:

    What about moisty monster

  27. Will Johnson says:

    you've got it all wrong

  28. Nikodemas says:

    commando one of the best skins in the game

  29. at 6:59 u said his backbling doesn’t match him at all after u said it u said it’s a really good backbling

  30. This list fucking horrible

  31. I mean you have a beaf with skins like criterion, vertex,and omen?

  32. Lori Dawson says:

    In my opinion I think that Omega, Drift, Ragnarok are the three best skins

  33. im pretty sure you missed muntions expert

  34. Bubba says:

    I think u forgot first striker specialest

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