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Hello everyone! Another video coming art you from Toronto Canada. I looked to catch two new Gen 5 Pokemon and finally evolve my Gibble from months ago to cap off gen 4

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12 Responses

  1. They way you say Ferroseed triggers me lmao

  2. Brian Odom says:

    Week 3 was the best week. Wasn't feeling the legendary beasts or Deoxys again. And the 7k event from weeks 2 and 3 were just cash grabs.

    The most disappointing thing is that the new ultra and adventure boxes SUCK. If Niantic wants people to get out and play (and spend more money), make the shop better. You still can't buy star pieces, you can't buy incubators in bulk, and gone are the 50 pack of lucky eggs. It's so irritating.

  3. What a tool bag. Follow me on pornhub. I would of go wicked pissed with that dude. I would of been like I have kid that watch these videos asshole. Lol wtf is going on in Canada. Ppl fighting in the middle of the day. Thanks for apologizing to ur viewers. You're still the man bro

  4. Was disappointed with the event all around my fav part was probably the last week just because it’s brought on the level 5 spawns

  5. Lien Nguyen says:

    Fer ross seed? Lololol…. FERRO SEED

  6. GuwVilla says:

    4977 1722 3723 sand me a gift that I sand tô you

  7. Shiny regionals was my favorite event so far along with shiny Mewtwo. I think Gen 5 could have waited until the event was over since a lot of the Pokémon aren't that great.

  8. Samil Parikh says:

    You should come to temple for the community day.

  9. Chris Groth says:

    My favorite part(s) were the regionals in eggs (needed Kangaskhan to finish Gen 1 Pokedex, got a few!) and the Gen 5 drop is dope (I even got a shiny Patrat!)

  10. Smells like that og Bobby Johnson on corner of Pokémon street lol

  11. Chris Groth says:

    Man, the interaction with the construction dude at the beginning was hilarious!

  12. Great video! First one here!

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