Recreating Pokemon Go in Unity3D #8: Pokemon spawning on the map!

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Making Pokemon spawn on a second base interval!
Part #9:


Recreating Pokemon Go in Unity3D

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13 Responses

  1. Hi, I have a problem. If I drag the pokemon script to the pokemon, the settings doesnt appear like the poke type and the tile manager. is there something i should do first?

  2. Can you send me the finished copy of the PokemonManager script?

  3. Jesus, you're skipping so many things :S

    How are you activating the gps from the Editor?
    How are you updating/spawning new tiles on the map?
    What is the target variable for?
    What is the texture variable for?
    What is the service variable for?

  4. Bart 0344 says:

    Hi! Love the video!, i've only got one problem with spawning the pokemons, all the pokemons spawn in one direction, i would like to spawn them in a circle. Do you know how to solve this problem? Keep on going with your video's!

  5. Harsha Boni says:

    i cant even see the map
    can u help me with that

  6. Andy Yip says:

    where did you get those pokemon prefabs from? i want them too, been looking for them for a while >.<

  7. Fahmi Irfan says:

    how to set pokestop on the map ?

  8. cool!!!
    I'm trying to make project with map and GPS too
    and now have problem with placing object in the map
    can u help me solving this problem ??
    Im trying to placing the objects position with lat and lon and objectType (not random) but dont have idea to do it
    btw Im new in unity too so can u help me with simple way one

  9. what are your settings on your Raw Image?

  10. RizzMaker says:

    How can I insert a pokemon to a given coordinate ?

  11. raj fadke says:

    awesome dude… just love it <3 can you please share ur mail id. this is my first unity project and i have created smthng simillar from these tutorials would like to share it with you. 🙂

  12. TheValdread says:

    Just wanna say cheers dude for doing these videos, you're the only youtuber doing them and they're very interesting, learning a lot.

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