Revealing ALL of my Fortnite Mobile Settings & HUD!

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49 Responses

  1. You can only like this if you have code Ducky

  2. Ducky has aim assist on what the heck

  3. U just killed me in salty springs I was the frozen red knight in salty

  4. Char0p says:

    Any ok mobile players want to 1v1?

  5. Aleq Foyez says:

    I just bopped everyone thxs for settings and hud

  6. Bruh i play on a clean 0.20 touch sens

  7. Flox says:


  8. Dan junior says:

    I use the IPadPro 2017 too

  9. Papi Chulo says:


  10. JJGamerz123 says:

    It won’t let me select epic or high quality

  11. JJGamerz123 says:

    Cheers now I can be good

  12. Darren Lin says:

    the vibration setting isn't in my settings for some reason and i have to go into my settings and turn off vibrate for my phone to not vibrate while playing this game

  13. tryh4rd_fr says:

    did u join faze? i noticed the shirt

  14. Pls 1v1 me my name is ImMrBaconYT love the vids you inspire me to make vids

  15. ducky is mean, he kicked me from his discord and banned me from his stream, WHAT DID I DO DUCKY. respond to me!!

  16. Ducky- "I'm always charging when I play"
    Me- What a daredevil

  17. Ducky can u make a video about adding new sensitivity like editing sensitivity building sensitivity

  18. This really helped! As soon as I switched to these settings and HUD, I got 6 kill solo win!! 10/10 great settings very helpful!?

  19. Dear ducky, you are the coolest mobile streamer and (I watch everyone) one of my personal favorites. Could you do more collabs with akaformula and also play random dous like formula dose? Guys make this big so he will see it! Use code ducky kids!

  20. I told FaZe apex to recruit you ducky

  21. MirLinDD says:

    Can u tell epic to add motion to android(gyroscope) bc they added that 5 months ago on the iphone motion would be really cool bc on pubg mobile i destroy people with it

  22. FaZe Dexta says:

    You should go random DUO

  23. FaZe Dexta says:

    Am the only one with Max sensitivity

  24. Ducky can u help me out the turbo building button goes away when u open the combanct mode but when u rock on the building mode it will come out any rip?

  25. LASOO CRAZY says:

    Are you gonna friend me

  26. LT Kenzy says:

    Hey Ducky when will 60fps be released on all devices?

  27. What fire mode do u use

  28. Not gon lie ducky’s channel is dying?

  29. I play without aimassist want of you play with aimassist you don’t learn to AIM

  30. Parsa Aghili says:

    U dont wanna get 50 or 40 nice

  31. Galaxy Clan says:

    Thank you for the Sens now my building is better my aim is better and my editing is better

  32. BJC T says:

    Search up benjamin.clowes on Spotify to get chill tunes like the one in the intro

  33. Yt. JSR says:

    My ipad is rubbish so i get 30 fps

  34. Weaboo Ghost says:

    I tried ducky’s hud but I sucked with it

  35. Guys please don’t hate on me for this. I am a new Fortnite mobile YouTuber. I just want a couple people to come and give feedback on 1 of my videos. Again please don’t, just want feedback and suggestions to improve, I’m not like or subscriber hungry. Thanks

  36. Doge Gaming says:

    Damn you expose your own settings 😉

  37. Star iOS says:

    I was inspired by you to make a YouTube account

  38. Crayotics TV says:

    How can I copy the hud in my cloud

  39. Let’s driveby his house he lives in the east coast he must be a Crip?

  40. ProGaming Z says:

    I got killed by ducky the gamer 2min ago wowwwwww

  41. LTN_ Niks715 says:

    Hi can u tell me what iPad do play on

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