Revolver Live – Ep. 35 – Destiny 2 Go Fast Update – Design A Console

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Destiny 2 Tips

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19 Responses

  1. J Carroll says:

    loved it guys!, thanks.

  2. ws6guy02 says:

    The problem with PC is that it always has the smaller player vs consoles it's one of the main reasons I stay on console

  3. If you guys like Left for Dead, try Warhammer Vermintide 2, same game just Warhammer.

  4. wv11989 says:

    Sadly im already bored of d2 after one week and it took 7 months for this update =/

  5. The only thing I would say about Bond is, Daniel is playing young James when he's still figuring it all out. The other Bonds had been doing it for years and year and they are suave. This is what I remember them saying when they restarted it with Daniel Craig.

  6. How's the Xim Apex working out? I'm thinking about buying one.

  7. Mr Miyagi says:

    Not sure which version of D2 Wilson is playing, but pvp is still horrible imo. The ttk needs to be addressed and I can't support any competitive pvp mode that lacks a noticeable skill gap. And who actually believed that an 8 player rumble was a good idea….

  8. Rage Noizes says:

    You should have rapid fire section, lmfo

  9. Chief Keyes says:

    As a long-time PC player and a former console player (x360) I think what's really holding back people on the PC is dedicated servers, public test server and the lack of player ability customization "subclass skills trees and random rolls" not cosmetic customization and as well the whole boxcar formula for the launch of D2 turned off alot of people in purchasing Destiny 2 on PC I believe twitch streamer cohhcarnage skip the game because of the boxcar launch for Destiny 2, but fyi I have bought Destiny 2 three times two copies on PC one for my friend one for me and then a copy on PS4 and I can't even get my friend to play Destiny 2 on PC because of the reasons I've stated 300$ down the drain lol damn it, I just hope if/when Destiny 3 comes out that it is a continuation of Destiny 2 not a reboot cuz if it is I think a lot of people we'll give up on this franchise even dieheart fans.

  10. My biggest problem with the go fast update is the time to kill. Hand cannons still to me dont feel rewarding simply because it still take 4 headshots to drop someone. That coupled with the faster movement has made it feel even less rewarding becausd its harder to land consistent headshots

  11. The next consples need to run games at 60fps+!

  12. Pc players know d2 is shit. The loadout sucks no random rolls. We on pc thought we was getting d1 and got this shit.

  13. Damn, putting Beastly's business all out there at the start. LMFAO, ya'll are savage.

  14. arimadx says:

    It just seems like more and more we're all saying things like "a step in the right direction " or " this game has so much potential". It's not just with destiny either. Sea of thieves is the same thing. I've heard people talking about how the game will and/or could be great with additions or changes. I really wish we could just get the games we want in the first place. And I'm not saying the perfect game because I realize that's a pipe dream. But how much longer are we going to say that games could be or might be great in the future? Really what I'm trying to say is that i miss having a game that I'm obsessed with haha

  15. Chris M says:

    I feel as if you guys are pretending that pc is dead and console is trucking along! Console destiny is not as dead as pc but has taken a hugeeee hit and literally no one I know is playing the numbers on destiny tracker didn’t even tick up for this update it’s really bad on console too. Destiny 2 as a whole is in an awful spot on all platforms and vast majority do not like the game.

  16. SwordChux says:

    It wasn't just the Prequels briar, George Lucas also fucked up the originals with the additional content he put in the remasters. I felt like I was watching a cheesy kids movie when he added that shit.

  17. They really oversold us on the D2 update. It's too subtle on PC. Also, aside from the Arcstrider Super, Hunters went virtually untouched and I think that needs to be addressed. They feel like the slowest class in the game now.

  18. I'm sorry but Wilson come on..The go fast update was meh at best for PVP on console. I am enjoying Destiny , PVP included but the ammo change has just made the team.shot worse in that now when pushing I need to contend teams with Colony ammo at all times.

    Changes for PVE rock
    But I'm doubtful the exotic and other changes will help PVP. They sound like they will PVE.

    And in agreement with Gary. Bungie needs to reestablish what it envisions Destiny to be.

    Let's see what the future holds.

  19. That is some 'Beastly' hentai XD

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