Searching For Shiny Oddish Live Pokemon Go

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24 Responses

  1. KenC says:

    This was really annoying to watch i expected a shiny and he didnt get it it was a whole hour

  2. Zaonis 420 says:

    take it from someone who has 4 samsung 10's and only loves his Note9, 😛

  3. Zaonis 420 says:

    You should have just went with the Note 10 or Note 9, The S Series Sucks now, The Note Family is where its at for POGO

  4. 0288 1981 4715 from Germany

  5. Jeff says:

    I lost the stream :"v

  6. I got one on my first check😁

  7. The new phone looks like it's working great, can't wait for community day

  8. Lord Scott says:

    I got to watch some of the stream last night before I went to bed! im glad you got a new phone!

  9. Daryl Jones says:

    I hope you get a shiny

  10. JK Stevens says:

    I was out 7 hours and at 7 different places before I got a shiny Oddish on my alt account. He got 6?.. I walked 7 miles. What the heck!

  11. Fitzgeezy says:

    Ugh, why didn’t I get the notification for this? Dammit YouTube….

  12. Send me a gift 🎁 from ur baby account please AkaVroomVroom

  13. Alex B says:

    When do shiny Oddish spawns end?

  14. That background was on my iPhone I 👍 Toni

  15. I caught four you got this

  16. 0220 4459 1468 sent gift from Thailand

  17. Hey,need friends from Australia.We are from Poland,add us.0166 9161 7339 ;5559 4750 2162 ;6201 3826 7882

  18. Rachael G says:

    This was my first Live stream and I’m super happy that they joined because I got to talk to a YouTuber!

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