Season of Opulence Builds – Univeral Soldier | ALL SUBCLASSES | WARLOCK BUILD – Destiny 2 – Season 7

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The Arc One would be The Ultimate God Build for Risk Runner, IF I USED IT. 3 in 1 build. I needed some changes and was getting bored, wrecking on parashock, so i set out to find my new main in time for season of opulence. we dont know of all the buffs at the posting of this video, but i bet it wrecks with everything happening. I can feel it. Embark on a new type of combat with the New Main. its worth trying, and maining.

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21 Responses

  1. what primary smg are u using?

  2. S 117 says:

    Dude this video is fucking insanely good. I feel like I should have had to pay good money to watch it.

  3. Caleb Green says:

    My favroite Build for the Warlock is Warlords Sigil, Last Man Standing One Two Punch, and Bottom Tree Voidwalker

  4. mad catz says:

    Love this channel every video is amazing. You do this well.

  5. Pete P says:

    Much better arc build
    Chaos reach
    Risk runner or recluse
    Threat level
    Get away artist
    Ionic traces will give nade back in 15 secs with no nade mods leaves room for any armaments mods that build is boss

  6. ehh.. not for me this i think as i lay destiny for the supers. if i wanted purte gunplay and nades.. id probably go for battlefield or cod or something of the sort. so im still kindof left with a big ol fuck you after the nerfs lol. no clue what to do actually.

  7. Fysix Planet says:

    If you have a weapon with demolitionist (i.e. the wizend rebuke if you grinded it out) then any kills there charge your grenade and grenades auto reload your weapon!

  8. Kyle Blake says:

    Great content as always! Your the swiss army knife of destiny lol. I would like to know your thoughts on geomags and chaos reach its been my favorite since I started playing in forsaken. I would like to know how to optimize that load out of you dont mind.

  9. William T says:

    Warlock is definitely the best class, change my mind. Also, talking about inferior classes, I suggest trying out bottom tree striker with wormgod caress and a grave robber shotty, I was leveling my titan and it was really fucking fun.

  10. Solid builds as always, dawn boi for the win…

  11. Jotunn is so broken on console though. It needs tuning.

  12. raymon lewis says:

    Glad to get back to the basics. I for one don’t play enough to have glimmer, cores,or materials to keep up with all the different builds

  13. Tyrant says:

    Awesome video, gets me hyped to continue on my builds especially for the warlock. Question, how would you rate Nezarec for the void build? The synergy between the middle tree void kill ability regen and the exact same perk from the helmet would stack to give you crazy ability regen for ALL abilities. Grenade, melee and rift spam. Time everything right, and you'll always have a fully loaded arsenal. Thoughts? Also, that solar build gets me so hyped; Jötunn, sleepless and that dawn blade together is just raining destruction on ads.

  14. ShiestyShyne says:

    These builds are old ? but I’m glad all those other exotics and weapons got nerfed so there can be builds LIKE THIS to have fun again rather than just camping far away and just melting encounters.

  15. Brian Teats says:

    I’m definitely to try the contraverse hold build!

  16. Spectacular looking builds cant wait 2 give em a go. Appreciate hard work n testing 4 us and sharing.Keep wreckin Guardian.

  17. I’m loving the builds brother and very nice on the pronunciation of my name you got it keep up the great work

  18. Hoping to see some new hunter build that are as good as your warlock ones

  19. Elias Rosa says:

    Hey Rust! Great content! Do titan! You el papi!

  20. Yurp Crusher says:

    "That arc soul buddy, like a crackhead on our shoulders" I laughed coffee out my nose. Your fault.

  21. Orcus1030 says:

    Try Nesarecs with Telesto and light reactor with the rest of this build. And Sunbracers on the solar side are very very good for ad clear.

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