Season14 WOL Monk Build Guide – Diablo III

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I know that a lot of you will be playing around with this specific build come next Season. Since I tried this out in Season 13 and did well I thought I would share my experience with you while it’s still fresh in my mind. I hope this helps!

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16 Responses

  1. Nice guide. I like the non-generator version tho. Keep it up!
    For the standard rift version, I'd change the Witching Hour to a Goldwrap and then change your Focus ring to a Stone of Jordan

  2. Serulas says:

    You can have all Res on your gear but IF you have Secondary res. You cant get all res on your Gear thats why you have to take armor there.

  3. Thank for the video !! and can you tell me how your Sunwuko set got +550 Dex?

  4. how the fuck can u dislike this video? 50 MIN PURE informations nicely educated. Keep up the good work, just started a monk few days ago, already at 92 Solo with my gems at 71 XD

  5. xDarkstar89 says:

    Nice guide dude! Been looking for a build/guide for WoL and this is the first one that explained in depth. Looking to try the monk now that my crusader have it grift 100 this season.

  6. Lyda Kvikk says:

    your video id always nice to watch yet i been playing D3 for so long but i could not get any group to play with to teach me how to play this support.

  7. Larry Coburn says:

    Monk build turn up The Volume!

  8. Mr Holistic says:

    much more thourough thatn the rest. You take the guess work out of it . much appreciated!! you saved me weeks fo time!

  9. nathan c says:

    What? I I fell asleep

  10. Hello, i m new in Diablo 3 but this video awesome well explained !! Ty

  11. Make this video in 20 min insted!

  12. Chris says:

    I love your detailed in depth video of the build and how you explain every aspect. Subscribed.

  13. MCE says:

    When showing gameplay, it might be best to lower you Paragon down to a more reasonable level for newer players, like 400-600?

  14. I always play monk as I love the gameplay. What would be a good alternative?

  15. what class will you start in s14?

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