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On this episode of Pokemon Go, we do twenty plus Gengar raids in hopes of getting a shiny. Special moves lick and pyshic as well. Guess i wasn’t very lucky. Didn’t get a shiny pinsir either!

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6 Responses

  1. Rick Genzel says:

    Nice video! I'm starting to play pokemon go! And my friend did got a shiny ponyta… i was so jealous. But hey! How is it going?

  2. GAMOGAME says:

    buen video amigo, like y sub, te invito a que pases por mi canal, Saludos !!!

  3. RIP Gengar Day. I’ll pour one out.

  4. SPEAR says:

    Dang Rob! Fast at it with the upload xD

  5. Marion Eveni says:

    OMG… No… Way ???
    I always wished that everyone at least caught one shiny.. I only got one and one shiny pinsir.
    I hope you can get one thru trade shiny Gengar.
    You still have time to find a shiny Pinsir.. I am sending some shiny Luck your way. Good luck

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