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Valentines day event is live including SHINY LUVDISC. All unique poison type team VS Azumarill raid boss, Feraligatr raid and more!
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29 Responses

  1. what the hell. swablu raid?

  2. Hazza says:

    i had..14 candies for luvdisc i now have 567 noshiny

  3. BraGreMat says:

    i got a 100% iv of every legendary

    counting mewtwo

  4. VALOR 9 says:

    Rayquaza against swablu. Lol ???.As usual an awesome one again

  5. Oliver says:

    Gonna try grind a few tonight as I'm going out. Hopefully I can get a shiny luvdisc and some chansey candy!

  6. All the Pokémon now with the go plus raw away ??

  7. Bugy36 _ says:

    there is a trick to skip the pokeball catch animation look it up on youtube

  8. A. van Eck says:

    I haven.t seen a single chansey

  9. NOK NOC says:

    I never got any shiny in the Wild or raids… The only 2 Shinys I got were pichus from eggs…. Is my amgorythm messed up?

  10. who is watching on a computer

  11. I recently got Soft-Banned just from walking, when this video got uploaded. ?

  12. Random Girl says:

    I live in a small village, so there is not very much pokémon go players there. When i travel to Helsinki (biggerst city in Finland) there is still bo people on raids. 🙁 Thats why i dont have any gen 3 legendary pokémons. Ps, Good video PokéAK! 🙂

  13. why yall do swablu like that lol quickest raid battle in pokemon go history ????

  14. nearing 1000 sableye without a shiney.. got a lovdisc shiny on like the 4th or 5th one i checked after work tonight… RNG plays games with me hardcore

  15. bangrev says:

    Now that they put in the luvdisk and chansey the gen spawns are gone

  16. I have caught my 1st Shiny Luvdisc today. Hopefully everyone can have a chance to get one!!

  17. all7 dayzz says:

    I see you appreciating The the game from a strategic aspect and I would really love to talk to you .ls there any way to contact you Off of YouTube

  18. Kuyet 312 says:

    I caught a shiny luvdisc today

  19. Mystic King says:

    I laughed out loud when I saw Rayquaza is the first pokemon rhat faces Swablu … but great video as usual

  20. all7 dayzz says:

    Omanstar with Rock Slide and Gengar with Shadow Claw Are extremely Affective move sets for these pokemon and if they ever introduced trading they will be one of the most sought After in my opinion

  21. all7 dayzz says:

    Muk is at the top of my list for The most underrated It has such a solid base stats All around even

  22. all7 dayzz says:

    I would like to know who you think is the most underrated Pokemon in the game

  23. Duo Owl says:

    What screen rec do you use?

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