SHINY TORCHIC COMMUNITY DAY in Orlando feat. JT Valor! Pokemon Go Vlog

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Today we visited Lake Eola Park for Pokemon Go Torchic Community Day! We shiny hunted with JT Valor and lots of amazing trainers in the Orlando Pokemon go community! For three hours we hunted shiny Torchic and racked up on 3x Catch stardust. We also got the exclusive Blast Burn Blaziken! Torchic Community Day was amazing!

QOTD: How many shiny Torchic did you catch in Pokémon Go? Let me know in the comments below!

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50 Responses

  1. Ummm… shiny gengar on raids was a one time only thing for gengar day, after that just like any other pokemon you have to find the shiny starter… but it was funny to see yal shiny check it tho?

  2. Guy8288 says:

    Pretty nice C-Day all around.. except for Hyped Gamer Network. rip, man.

  3. Pegasus33 75 says:

    I got a shiny ponyta the morning of community day! And a shiny torchic too!

  4. 4:39 WOW that psyduck on AR mode looks so real!!!

  5. I got 20 this com day! 5 minutes to 6 I had 18 and really wanted to get two more and somehow found them lol! Now what am I supposed to do with 20 shiny birds lol

  6. Thank you so much for coming to Lake Eola! It was so much fun hanging out with you and JT! Absolutely loved this video!

  7. Community day = fun video from Pokegirl. You always have a good time.

  8. I Caught 15 Shiny Torchichs On Sunday And I caught a Shiny Misdrevus On Saturday

  9. Nice … ok so u need a gengar summer hat… ???

  10. It was so fun to hang out with you… DID YOU JUST TELL ME TO PET A GOOSE???

  11. I only caught 2 shiny Torchic.?

  12. I really enjoyed meeting you! I ended up with 6, and evolved my best 91% (had a couple in storage from prior catches). I won't be going to Go-fest, but I had a great time in Orlando!

  13. ???????????????????????????????????


  15. Mitos says:

    Gengar cant be Shiny anymore ?

  16. Robchu says:

    Gengar from raids can't be shiny anymore.

  17. I fon't know wtf is wrong with me but i caught no shinies AGAIIIIIN!!!!!!!!

  18. Bov Bob says:

    I kept on getting trolled by a sub form castform

  19. Maksim Li says:

    I only got like 7 shiny torchic…. Ripperoni in the chat.

  20. Hallo zusammen, wir suchen neue Leute zum Geschenke senden: 1895 7747 0068 und 5985 8053 3511 und 6049 4090 5204 und 8960 4993 3263 ! Regelmäßige Geschenke garantiert :-)"

  21. M Sullivan says:

    I caught four shiny torchic and one shiny meditite!

  22. JT Valor says:

    You look familiar but I cant quite remember where I saw you ??

  23. Melody says:

    can't wait until Wednesday and Saturday, cd i stopped at 3 shinies in 30 minutes my goal. congrats on yours missed your hubby ?

  24. Awesome video!
    I caught 5 shiny Torchic and one random shiny Rattata! 4 Torchic and the Rattata I caught within 30 minutes! I finally got to evolve to shiny Raticate since I alredy had one shiny Rattata.
    And also, a couple of hours later I caught my second shiny Murkrow! Two random shinies in one day!!! So crazy! And now I can get shiny Honchcrow! ???✨✨✨

  25. Scott says:

    Congrats on the shinies ? Orlando looks beautiful! Would love to see you in Tucson one day ? I ended up catching 13 shiny with one of mine being a 96 ? Also caught a 98 Azelf and a full odds shiny Roselia. Amazing video ?

  26. PokeMaster says:

    PokeGirl7 if you check My torchic community Day video from Yesterday you’ll figure out that I beat My shiny record ? Got 14 in total ??

  27. Clement Tan says:

    I would end up total 14 shiny tags full house gosh!

  28. I have got 4 shinys in community

  29. Bug says:

    All shinies remain in the game, Meltan is the only exception as its not official in the Pokedex. Are you going to PokeFest Dortmund? when

  30. Thank you. Awesome to meet you!

  31. congrats! i got 18 shiny torchic, 1 100% torchic (my friend got it in shiny), 1 shiny magby and 1 shinty kabuto! absolutley crazy, my best community day yet!

  32. I somehow managed to find a shiny aipom today! Still in complete shock about it

  33. I did not go to the community day 🙁

  34. Alan F. says:

    I caught only one shiny but I'm happy anyways

  35. I got 8 shiny Torchic and got back to back to back shiny Torchic

  36. Jenilla Z says:

    I caught 4 shiny Torchic. Traded one away to someone who caught only one.

  37. Kibasgirl says:

    I so wish I could be in Chicago to meet you and JTValor! ?? ??

  38. harambe836 says:

    I caught 5 but I caught the first 3 in 9 minutes. First shiny on second check and I worked at 3:30.

  39. Jay Halcrow says:

    Also I caught a 96 Hippopototas

  40. Jay Halcrow says:

    16 shinys and 2 were female

  41. I caught 5 and my daughter caught 5. The first one I checked for the event was a shiny.

  42. jpnlvr says:

    Lovely video, Caitlyn!!! ???? And congratulations on the nice mons you got??

  43. DEAD Cherry says:

    I caught 16 shiny torchic, got 1 perfect torchic, and hatched a shiny smoochum!

  44. I manage to get 9 shiny one have 93% IV and the other one is 83%IV

  45. nukemz says:

    Great video Caitlin, I got ten shinies 🙂

  46. shiny god says:

    i only got 1 torchic from 398 checks

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