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We watch “Sigma Origin Story | Overwatch” and he looks inSANE…literally…!

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overwatch update

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26 Responses

  1. j Natlok says:

    I want overwatch gameplay 😊

  2. Bryan Cortez says:

    some crazy editing you got here I love it

  3. Place Holder says:

    Sigma: we can almost get the power of a black hole,

    Zarya: am I a joke to you?

  4. Glitchtale trailer ep.7 reaction?

  5. [GD] KhaOS says:

    React to the new glitchtale episode 7 trailer

  6. hey zalzar please go check on glitchtale ep.7 trailer.

  7. brain style says:

    Zalzar there is a new glitchtale trailer you will be on the edge of ur seat

  8. Glitchtale have a new trailer

  9. Glitchtale Season 2 Episode 7 released the trailer. Would you please take a reaction video?

  10. I am So sad you Are Getting So little views.Its like its not even worthy recording
    It,unfortunately 🙁

  11. Glassed says:

    There's been some fun discussion about how Sigma's experiment broke the fourth wall, and the melody he hears is the background music. He's 'imprisoned' in the game itself.

  12. PXL8R says:

    Honest opinion on Sigma, he is one of the most complex characters to get the hang of but when you get things like his primary fire and his shield down pat you can really start to change the game or turn the tide of battle quite quickly.
    Also, don't feel pressured when doing these game plays Zalzar. I'm just glad to see someone else in the Blizzard community is focusing more on the story of Overwatch than the game-play competitiveness of Overwatch which causes so many publicity problems for Blizzard as a whole. You do what you feel is right: full support

  13. Some Person says:

    Sigma gives me W.D Gaster vibes.

  14. Super Hero says:

    Zalzar could do a reaction to the song "to the bone", is a really nice one. Goodnight

  15. When I first saw this Origin Story, I literally cowered in my bedsheets, but now he's my new favorite! 🤩🤩🤩
    Definitely do a gameplay video of him, you'll like his abilities!

  16. Ana Xisca says:

    My Godness. When we combine a new hero with Gravity power and creapy atmosphere, we got a mestup guy. This trailer creapy me out the first seing this

  17. Luki Klepsa says:

    Alright how do you know what im looking at i start watching doki doki literature club then you start doing literature club videos then i start looking also at overwatch videos guess what overwatch videos come from you and you know what? i like it anyway thank you for reaction

  18. Sem nome says:

    I think the energy from the black hole have forced all original minds from his timeline on a single one, and is for that he have 3 minds past, present and future make a new present, just like tracer but all at the same time on the same spot, but that make me think. He have a future? I mean, his future is now together with is past and present, that make a new future for him?
    (Sorry my bad english)

  19. Watch the reversed version of the video to find a creepy surprise 😉

  20. Yesnog05 says:

    My theory is Sigma suffered a split personality disorder during his failed experiment with a black hole and another when he was in captivity due to isolation. Because of this, his mind is fragmented from his intelligent/curious personality, his anxious/anxiety personality, and his repressed dark mind personality. It was only til he was "rescued" by talon he managed to merge his minds back together and discovered his power to manipulate gravity, which is why you hear three voices when he starts to manifest the gravity orb. Of course this is all theoretical

  21. WidowMercy says:

    The other people around him were, moira,doomfist,sombra, widowmaker, and reaper

  22. In game when he kills Zarya he talks trash about her Tobelstein technology. Clearly looking down on her graviton.

  23. Gaming Giant says:

    Do you play overwatch on PS4

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