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50 Responses

  1. I wish I could sub 1 million times. You have really good content and editing. You're definitely going to make to 25k subs

  2. King Luke says:

    1000th comment boys

  3. Drake says:

    I'm so jealous of what you achieved!

  4. Wow good job ??? Do u Play via PlayStation?

  5. Mr RedHead says:

    this was made on my birthday

  6. ?Ive never one on fortnite can I play with u epic friends

  7. turtle gamer says:

    Wow what about me i do the same videos as you and you got more subs than me. Come on man thats juas rude.

  8. txstme says:

    Yo I played squads with you once my psn is HamfistMaximum

  9. KimbuYT says:

    Your so good keep going I'm going to support this channel good luck

  10. sean Grine says:

    Holy this quality is amazing keep it up

  11. Devon D says:

    How Did You Do It Getting 10k Flippin Subs With One Video!

    Your a Legend And GG.

  12. GamingWithHJ says:

    YOOOOO! Nice job on getting 10k subscriber!

  13. Nice vid dude congrats on completing the challenge ?????????????????

  14. Toxicyyz says:

    How you make those thumbnails

  15. Purploe says:

    Change your name you already did it

  16. Yes sure says:

    Your very good but not the best player but I love the fact that you lived when your were being shot from different people.. It's so annoying but good video btw. ( sorry for the name I got hacked)

  17. You broke the Rule of our Circle,
    You are no longer one of us.

  18. Eyyyyyy u completed the challange

  19. Nin ja says:

    Shit is this broken 11kills dislike

  20. You're better than ninja bro

  21. I knew he would do it

  22. Your trash only 11 kills

  23. Callum Broom says:

    Most trash video and gameplay and AUDIO EVER

  24. DragonTheory says:

    11 kills? My record is 6 kills

  25. bro wtf there are youtubers here that actually need the subs and u just create 3 vids

  26. Leiloni A says:

    You should do YouTube for life man bro you could get payed 12 dollars a day and if you save your money for face cam you can have a connector so you can talk you can be the next most popular Fortnite you tuber keep it up bro and you make another vid make it a live and do a cheraty live stream or just do it for fun bro your vid was still amazing bye ??

  27. Is It Or No says:

    I wish xbox players were that easy

  28. Unicy_Twine says:

    I am a youtuber aswell will it be cool if we play duos

  29. Somebody send me their fortnite name and ill play squads

  30. GG CAN I HAVE SUBS xD Im kidding but nice job bro you did it

  31. C Makanicol says:

    Bro i can even hit 1 sub in a vid there all my friends lol

  32. Xbsb Hdhd says:

    Wow dude you're actually really good! Good luck with the channel.

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