Solo Nightfall The Arms Dealer – 100,000 + Points – Destiny 2 Black Armory Week of Jan 1st

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#Nightfall #Destiny2 #SoloNightfall
Strike Gameplay starts at – 6:37
Room with two Tanks – 13:30
Hanger (Where you first see the boss) – 18:14
Boss Spawn Trick and Quick Kill – 20:57

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9 Responses

  1. Crooked Fang is like the new Edge Transit for me. It seems like I get one for every other legendary engram I get.

  2. Max Williams says:

    I have a Crooked Fang with snapshot and box breathing, it’s amazing.

  3. Any recommendations for a titan this week? I need a carry and a chance at getting literally any bloody forsaken exotic

  4. iGeOrge14 says:

    60 Power handicap is enough imo if you're riding solo
    Got my 2 +100K solo nightfalls so far on 60 PH (matchgame+blackout)
    And ended both of them +120K πŸ˜€

  5. Should hunters run blade barrage on this?

  6. Nice video good tips. Could be better quality?!

  7. Megasty15 says:

    Over an hour of pain & bs just to get a good NF run can't be put into words.

  8. I just wish the reward for this one was better rather then a sparrow

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