Solo The Reckoning – Tier 1 Completion [Destiny 2]

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Destiny 2 Joker’s Wild – Solo “The Reckoning” Tier 1 Completion Gameplay / Solo Reckoning T1. Just a quick video showing a solo clear of the new The Reckoning which was added with the DLC. Details below.

So first of all, matchmaking on this was -really- annoying for getting a solo instance. Really wish there was optional matchmaking for this, but finally managed to get a solo instance long enough to get a clear.

The area itself isn’t too bad, heavyweight and prism means that…

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22 Responses

  1. andrebok007 says:

    I actually solo’ed this with Warlock top tree nova bomb + skull of dire ahmkara, riskrunner (burns trough waves with arc conductor active) and hammerhead

  2. I cant wait to see you solo it with brawler and glass on 😂😂😂

  3. You’re a god. Yesterday I wasn’t having any troubles with a team but today it’s been rough. Maybe the modifiers

  4. Why not just get 3 friends or clanmates to fill the spots and they just go afk? It would make it a lot easier to get a solo group

  5. enough says:

    When you have no friends to play with…

  6. It’s easy to solo tier 1

  7. JakeKeur says:

    How did that much heavy spawn?

  8. all hail the ThunderLord

  9. Ryan Johnson says:

    My boy eso at it again

  10. Bunji-a good content drop for matchmaking like the forges
    Eso-ima pretend I dident see that.

  11. Austin Bach says:

    Go to 1:56 hes not solo. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH… im not funny

  12. ColdRacerX says:

    what was you loadout

  13. Goutboy says:

    What level did you do this at?

  14. Terran343 says:

    i remember your last video "ill try it to solo as soon as i understand the mechanics". Me? ill try it to solo once i reach 700 with a good loadout, maybe ill still fail :v

  15. kanye west says:

    How do you go in solo if theres matchmaking

  16. New endgame content …. Rewards Blues :/

  17. juice box says:

    Next dlc includes a 12 man raid….eso does it solo anyways

  18. aBush347 _ says:

    Pro tip for any Warlocks doing this: Skull with Slova Bomb is fucking nasty

  19. Kelly S says:

    Good run, can't believe you clear all that and get a blue weapon.

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