Solo The Reckoning [Tier 1] | Destiny 2

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Wasn’t hard, don’t be impressed. Just something to do.

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37 Responses

  1. Jaz says:

    Is this pc? Was like, man this is something i can do. But nope, you don't have mouse control on ps4.

  2. Meade Helios says:

    everyone asking how he gets his amo, but im here wondering how he reloaded his warcliff without animation and while gliding

  3. BluWolf_231 says:

    Can someone at bungeeee ban this kid? He’s clearly aimbotting all the dregs on earth from the sun with his worm machine that digs screws from wooden doors from the parks kitchen. Like wtf

  4. How is he getting grenade and heavy so often? I forget the gear that does that

  5. Dragon Atlas says:

    Gladd you can't stop me from being impressed! I AM, I JUST AM

  6. this boss is the most weak

  7. Jesse Floyd says:

    Not a good way to get likes or subs hatin' on randoms

  8. Kenji pH says:

    y’all are some little ass bitches about him getting banned it’s his fault and many other people are still getting banned and gladd u only beat it cause you used heavy the whole entire time

  9. Isaac Brock says:

    everything is easy with the thunderlord. good work

  10. Juiceknuckle says:

    You exploiting piece of awesomeness lol, kidding

  11. bmorefan5220 says:

    My wardclif is 663 and does 10 percent the damage the one in this video does. I have even run with a full squad using coil and all of us using all of our ammo didn't kill it. So is this a edit or what?
    Also infinite heavy ammo… I use heavy finder on everything and only get 2 or 3 boxes per match.

  12. sanjayroy says:

    What kind of superhuman are you? I'm jealous of the lack of recoil on PC.

  13. Thantacore says:

    Taken Armements + Devour = OPOPOPOPOPOP

  14. How did you get so much heavy?

  15. I just try to have a nice time in your stream and someone asks, "whos your favorite pornstar"

  16. Scum says:

    hope you get banned on here too, fucking idiot.

  17. How are you not running out of heavy?

  18. Jeffrey says:

    How's he not running out of heavy ammo?

    Edit: TY for all the answer boys, will be on the lookout for that mod!

  19. You actually make me sick dude. I love you. Lol great shit.

  20. Patrick says:

    18 BioWare fuck boys disliked

  21. Dazed Gaming says:

    still one of the best destiny players. you deserve more subs by far.

  22. pascal strys says:

    So this is nearly the exact activity as warframes sanctuary onslaught. Dear bungie don't you have other ideas?

  23. o Sumflo says:

    Good luck with tier III, heard the recommended light will be about 7,777,777,777,777,777,777,777,777,777,777

  24. How do I get the handconon that you use glad, so want it in my life, can neva get in raids, no team so neva done one since crota in d1

  25. Lil Uri says:

    This look like fortnite type shit lol

  26. There might be some trick to the orbs that are around the hole or just there for show. But, you can shoot them once and they all go in the hole but the 2 in the back. Thanks for the vid

  27. CUBEFACE 14 says:

    Finally one of your videos is about a good online pve game that doesn’t ban you for finding an effective method of getting the loot that the devs create and added to the game

  28. Your hand cannon looks like the Mozambique

  29. Saf-1 says:

    This almost bricked my ps4….& my pants

  30. Yet another disappointing dlc. Well done bungie for officially killing your game and not being able to revive it.

  31. every time some sad little 2 man team does that not going in thing i shall quit. no mercy

  32. What perk are you using so the granade recharges that fast/

  33. ElectroniX says:

    Did you raid since the update? Wondering how the loadout meta will shift (if it will at all) for each encounter

  34. Vibes -Kun says:

    Tf kind of build is you using?

  35. StaticOrgy says:

    How the thunderlord keep getting reloaded?

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