Sombra HUGE Changes | Doomfist & Mei Buffed | Overwatch Update ( Without Commentary )

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Despite on the lack of Ultimate charge from health pack, Sombra huge changes will made she come back to the game. Actually, Sombra quite like an DPS now. Also with the minor buff, Doomfist & Mei look promising as well!
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overwatch update

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9 Responses

  1. Casey C. says:

    Very good and simple video. Keep it up!

  2. Now sombra is alredy so op bro

  3. This weeks ow news without the bs

  4. Lecturing says:

    Even though no one plays mercy, they still fucking nerf her

  5. Mili.NL says:

    Can we play together? I can givr my name on discord

  6. NikLoserkid says:

    Did they nerf Mercy again? Really?

  7. best vid to explain all changes in 4 mins

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