Spending 125,000 Coins in Overwatch [100% Skins/Emotes Unlocked] || Valkia

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Over my time playing Overwatch, I have accumulated a large amount of Overwatch in-game currency. The Overwatch Anniversary event which brought to us Competitive death match and petra map allowed me to unlock any other skins, voice lines, emotes, sprays and highlight intros from any other event.

This video was done live on my stream!

100% Unlocks

– Skins
– Emotes
– Highlight Intros
– Voice Lines


[NEW] Merchandise:

► …

overwatch update

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43 Responses

  1. Valkia says:

    This was done live on stream here http://www.twitch.tv/valkia – make sure to follow!

  2. Syria Grant says:

    You deserve 500000 credits for doing this by blizzard

  3. Doozaii ღ says:

    Can you buy coins in Overwatch? Can someone pleaaaseee tell me.

  4. He has so many guns I feel bad the way I don't have any well at least I have a life

  5. Sir Osvald says:

    Lol you have like one archivement

  6. Star Power* says:

    Has 36k credits left
    "I feel poor now"
    me with 200 credits

  7. SoulTales says:

    Wait do you even play heroes that you have golden guns for? Like Sombra's cute and pixel sprays aren't that hard to get.

  8. Vexaited says:

    Wait so hes gold portrait but dosent have all the cutes ffs.

  9. matan amitay says:

    Can u do a video about getting all the pixel and cute sprays?


  11. hi. _ says:

    Y has he got no cutes or pixels?


  13. Jake , says:

    I want to see him open loot boxes like 50 loot boxes and see how much coins you get

  14. ETO says:

    Top 500 player
    level 2209

    Has like 3 achievements

  15. imfinnadab says:

    I quit ow but had so many coins (around 20k) so i just used all of it this event

  16. Jerry Wang says:

    feels good to see a title as amazing as this and it not to be clickbait 😀

  17. Cursed Zyvex says:

    the three genii skins you don’t have are the best ones

  18. I have genji cute and pixel

  19. Size Matters says:

    How did you get all those coins lol

  20. This game is so dead lmao

  21. imagine if Valkia didnt have the pharah acheivements

  22. You have got the most beautiful gold gun in this game ( bastion ) ??????


  24. Extol says:

    I’ve completed everything with less than 5 items missing for each hero and I’m only prestige 9

  25. Ilari ッ says:

    Has 3000+ hrs on overwatch and has no maybe easiest achievements.

  26. Miles says:

    I’m surprised you don’t have some of these achievements. Most of them you can just accidentally get.

  27. If only we could convert them into v bucks

  28. Rexperiments says:

    This hurts…
    I really hope valkia sees this because you CAN buy the sprays, its only hero specific ones

  29. Now you need to farm achievements to get the last few

  30. EvanieCK says:

    i wanna see an achievement hunting stream so bad now, would actually be cool to see you just messing around in QP with heroes you don’t normally play.

  31. did yiou get pink mercy

  32. Chewbaccadog says:

    2:35???? it doesn't go down

  33. Blake M says:

    Congrats Valkia, droppin all that coin 😛

  34. KABOOM FIN says:

    What heroes should i play when i just need to swap Pharah. Cuz im pretty much a 1 trick and i have no idea what to swap to.

  35. Lukas G says:

    Should have opened a lootbox, lol

  36. The chat were all saying Zen and Lucio ones are hard, and while I do agree, I gotta say Doomfist is the most ridiculous one.

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