*SPICY NEWS* Heroes in Upcoming Winter Event | Fortnite Save The World

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45 Responses

  1. Torii X says:

    Link to the reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/a5jz2y/heroes_in_upcoming_winter_event/
    Hope you guys have a goodnight. Ill read the comments tomorrow.
    Support A Creator Code: Torriii
    Our discord server: https://discord.gg/62scYv5

  2. Mystic says:

    I hope they bring back the cyber set, I recycled my heavy base kyle 🙁

  3. Terry Wan says:

    Waiting STW(item shop) selling emote

  4. When does the Xmas event start???

  5. Chris Romani says:

    Nunu bot says HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

  6. Truecho X says:

    I want trog skin as outlander

  7. Lil James.-. says:

    Just waiting for frostnite..

  8. Pokemon Fan says:

    Is it best to hold on to the winter ticket?

  9. Echo Flux says:

    Torrii i dare u to wn a game in br with 5+ kills

  10. TrickyDi3k says:

    I'll take a reskin..the holiday heroes were badass..I need to pick up blitzen base this time around. And its temporary, so all good..I can't to see what skills epic adds to steel wool..

  11. Wait, I’m confused. Will I be able to get fragment flurry Jess, or someone with the same perks as her, in this next update? I don’t have her, and I would really like her…

  12. Marie says:

    I want fragment flurry jess so bad god

  13. I've had bugs where Omega and Maverick has appeared on my lobby screen in STW. Sooo….

  14. Ahmed Wael says:

    It's good that they are going to fix steel wool those two where really bad and i never understood why carols i think not mythic. And i dont like vanguards ?

  15. Aryan Dey says:

    Can you please do a video on the Hydraulic spear please. I have that weapon. So I just wanted your suggestions if it can be a good weapon in carney valley. Because Iam very close to it.

  16. dance till u dead my boii

  17. Can anyone help me on fork knife on console? My username: Temperred
    I don’t have anyone to play with. 🙁
    I don’t talk so keep that in mind.

  18. Sever says:

    i already have sarah claus and snow stalker jonesy i wouldnt mind blitzen base kyle or fragment flurry tryhard lol. we should get a leg lamp melee weapon since Ralphies revenge is out

  19. Battle royal has more fans cuz it has more THICC skins

  20. Warmachine says:

    There is no pewdiepie sub link in your description

  21. YaBoyHarshil says:

    Torii what other games do u like to play

  22. HS0Rare says:

    The old heroes definitely coming back. Along with the new ones. They pretty much confirmed that when they said event heroes will come back seasonally. And all the other shit will be in regular Llamas.

  23. My epic is LopezOrlando98 plz help me on my plankerton storm defense 6

  24. Therealokin says:

    0:56 THANK GOD!!!!

  25. MR. Bigfoot says:

    Fuck reskins… I want new skins and the yeti skins. They should have done this week system awhile ago… We don't have to pay for it by having a lame winter event….

  26. I was hoping to get flurry Jess,but its seems i will have to wait for birtday llamas again…

  27. Tim M says:

    Pray for calamity gets a rework too ??? SHE NEEDS IT(other mythics too)

  28. HeyDherBud says:

    Better be new Christmas guns

  29. When does this update go live?

  30. I really wanted Sarah claus tho feels a lil bad

  31. Aakif says:


  32. Awwwww
    No Snow Stalker Jonsey :'(

  33. Lectious says:

    I really REALLY hope i can change Calamity’s skin to whatever i wanted instead of me leveling up and being stuck with one 🙁 i just wanna change her look every now and then because she’s a beast xD

  34. Calamitify says:

    If they dont make lynx reclaimer I'm gonna eat my own dick

  35. Noooo, I wanted Blitzen Base Kyle?

  36. Pah Sodium says:

    Got the notification two hours late, ok then youtube

  37. What up tori haven’t been commenting but I PROMISE IM STILL WATCHING YOU BROOO

  38. torii du legger ut videoer 00:35 på natten. Hva er galt med dej

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