Streamers GET the *NEW* "NIGHTMARE" SKIN (EARLY ACCESS) Nitehare in Fortnite

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Streamers Unlock the *NEW* FREE “RUIN SKIN” WEEK 8 and Back Bling in Fortnite (Challenges)

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39 Responses

  1. Check Full NiteHare Skin showcase! (by HYPEX):

  2. It’s called Nighthare

  3. dont put ninja and tfue in title if they dont react bitch

  4. L1L Fus1on says:

    I never really played creative TimTheTatMan ~

  5. L1L Fus1on says:

    it’s not nightmare it’s nighthare ok and sub 2 me I will teach you how to write like this with a line through it

  6. Eclipz _ says:

    Tim changed his name to timthetatman it used to be imtimthetatman

  7. Chocoh040305 says:

    What is the Ending music called

  8. YewNasty says:

    0:15 go get your free gaming mouse shipping and handling only 5 dollars

    Goes to website shipping and handling 25.00 Wtf u lied

  9. Retrokid 13 says:

    Today my friend gifted me the nitehare it’s pretty dipe

  10. Streamer: getting any new skin that’s good for free
    Everyone else: ….…

  11. zie playz says:

    It's got Jeff the killers smile

  12. Lixdy says:

    Who else going to sleep?

    Imagine I wake up with 1450 subs

  13. I bought this fucking skih accidentaly and now I don't have vbucks for battle pass

  14. ItzMxstic_ says:

    Stop scamming people with your overpriced sponsor shipping you pos

  15. Kepzy says:

    If skin was looking like his backbling that will be my fav skin

  16. JOPPE THP says:

    The mouse is a scam

  17. papa johns says:

    Go watch the fortnite guy he made a video of fortnite YouTubers and how they are scamming us

  18. papa johns says:

    Bruh this dumbass is still doing the scamming intros

  19. It’s illigel to say that there’s less time but when you go to the website they would have hundreds of mouse

  20. Epic is on that demonic shit now no cap

  21. My username is MassiveAustin

  22. If you have nighthare and bunny hop as well steal carrot can you gift to me plzzzzzzzzzzz???????????

  23. The skin is in the item shop how is it early access

  24. Gaming mouses??? ??? mice?

  25. SKYROPYRO says:

    Nitemare hmmmmm that name….. FortNITE and fortnite MARES……ohhhhhhhhh

  26. ForestShadow says:

    Fortnite bruh shut up it's not early access it came out last night now stop being money thirsty and making ur videos over 10 minutes for money and stop clickbaiting

  27. This channel is so clickbait, go get a real job dumb ass

  28. gamer place says:

    clickbiat its not ninja or tfue

  29. Senn Berger says:

    What is the name of the outtro song?

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