Streamers React to *NEW* AK47 HEAVY AR WEAPON (Assault Rifle) in Fortnite News

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Streamers React to *NEW* AK47 HEAVY AR WEAPON (Assault Rifle) in Fortnite News


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23 Responses

  1. Lol Life says:

    It’s getting vaulted anyway…

  2. Hope im a win the Give away id love to get sum v bucks :^c

  3. Jade M says:

    Dont read more

    Read More

  4. It’s gonna have potato ? aim no range and to way to much bloom

  5. Dank Beardo says:

    When is suppressed pump coming?

  6. Jared says:

    25% explosives thru walls #fuckoffepic

  7. doctorwhat says:

    Doesn’t look much like an ak 47 to me

  8. Galaxy Life says:

    It’s going to be like every other guns that got added like the lmg it was hyped and it was good but then no one used it

  9. I wonder if there Ganna vault the m16 and just nerf the scars make then Green and blue and then make the ak47 like purple and gold I mean who else can see that

  10. MrVulcanz X says:

    Can I shifty your shaft hahahhahaha

  11. Kurwa Jebana says:

    Yo wth heavy assault rifle is already in game and its named scar. lool

  12. Rift Edgey says:

    They gotta be specific when they say we getting an AK-47, because there are multiple firearms in the AK family

  13. AK-47 get sent to heaven

  14. M14 says:

    The heavy are reminds of the Knn-47 from bo3

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