Streamers React To *NEW* Dragon Skin “FIREWALKER” – Fortnite

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Streamers React To *NEW* Dragon Skin “FIREWALKER” – Fortnite

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10 Responses

  1. Wizzy says:

    Streamers react to my cock

  2. HAYD 1 says:

    Notification squad??

  3. Personally I don’t like the skin, but I like the wrap. Great vid!

  4. dzzyR1 says:

    Y no crimson scout….

  5. xNexiz says:

    Last number of likes is what player you are ..
    1. Solo Squads God
    2. Sweaty Soccer Skin
    3. Aiming God
    4. Cant Build
    5. Building God
    6. A Real Default
    7. Future Pro Player
    8. The Bush Camper
    9. Only plays LTM
    10. Guy Who Plays For Fun

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  6. Bleeds Clan says:

    Don't Press Read More Oh Yeah Yeah Army

    Your 2019 Is Now Cursed ĺiké And śûbśćribè To Me To Undo,

    Also I Made A Fortnite Clan Join The Discord:

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