Streamers React To The First Official Season 6 Leak! Techno Llamas Attack…

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In todays video we have Streamers reacting to the new and very first Season 6 leak! Fortnite tweeted this out earlier with just 3 days left until the new season is released… Techno Llamas! Also Ninja drops some amazing snipes! Let me know what you guys…

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27 Responses

  1. What are your thoughts for the new season?! Any crazy theories?? Maybe the llamas will be the kings of the volcano!

  2. The liama head is dJ yonder

  3. Done my pc is Xbox one and username is thescourge6666

  4. Jay Torre says:

    Anyone want to tell me what Dakotaz was talking about here? 5:38

  5. aunthau MV says:

    They're all sayn daftpunk. But it looks more like muse to me

  6. Fortnite dead when season 6 comes out

  7. Jim Jim says:

    Didn’t we get this a day or something ago

  8. Yung Puffz23 says:

    No even a leak it was on he fortnite page

  9. Evan Jackson says:

    I’m getting super tired of ninja all he gonna do is talk more shit about season 6 good or bad he trash. You can’t really talk shit about a game that’s making your career

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