Streamers React to the *NEW* UGLIEST Skins In Fortnite! – Bendie & Twistie Skin

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In this video streamers react to the new Bendie & Twistie Skins in the Season 8 Fortnite Item Shop! Fortnite Battle Royale Best Moments, Highlights & Fortnite Funny Moments & Daily Best Moments!

Fortnite Poggers has Permission to feature these Funny Moments & Best Plays seen in this video. Thanks to everyone who submits clips to the email…

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33 Responses

  1. 1st also code POGGERS in the shop

  2. watch those skins become rare as shit because no one bought them & everyone dick ride them afterwards.

  3. Honestly I want paragon back more than anything

  4. Epic can we get more sweaty skins and less meme skins

  5. Peona says:

    Y’all laugh when you find out I bought twistie 🤭

  6. GronzlyPrime says:

    yo guys please check out my chanell. im grinding every day and my mission is to reach 50 or even 100 subs pleasE

  7. It says the ugliest skin but at the start of the video people are saying that’s so lit and I even bought it👍🏻 btw use code poggers in item shop😊

  8. Did any know mongral only use male skin?

  9. Stupid looking skins are my favorite xd

  10. Pinoc says:

    2 best skins grimbles and bendie

  11. Who else thinks marksman is annoying

  12. Tfue Tfue says:

    Bendie skin looks like the rl stines episode with the yellow mascot

  13. Viper_XD- 1 says:

    You want us to use your code but you are not a content creator

  14. Anyone else think the map change is trash but battle pass is good

  15. Mongoraal thinks the skins are lit cause they fucking look like his fatass

  16. 7:40 ninja can suck my big long juicy..

  17. BushCamper34 says:


  18. Sly Fox says:

    Bendy is a cool skin in my opinion

  19. Spy Guy says:

    If the skins are ugly according to your clickbait version of ninja, why does he wear it?!

  20. wow ninja……………..

  21. King_Cloudy says:

    Nah that trashcan skin is the worst thing I've seen

  22. RareFn says:

    Why does mrsavage m and mongraal like the ugly skins 😂

  23. Rackups says:

    For the 3% that see this I hope you have a wonderful day ❤️ I’m a underrated youtube and I just want to hit 500 subs , u don’t have to sub or anything but I would appreciate it if you do

  24. vague says:

    mongraal is the biggest jackass there’s no way people watch this kid and don’t cringe at the udder douche bag he makes of himself like this kid definitely doesn’t listen to his parents

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