Streamers Reacts/Uses *New* OP Heavy AR AK-47! Fortnite Op & Funny Moments

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22 Responses

  1. The heavy AR is such a stupid addition to this already die fast and shields just prolong you’re death. This is why I prefer blackout, fights are longer and feel more drawn out. You can heal fast and then continue fighting.

  2. Aditya Panda says:

    I still prefer the normal scar

  3. SN1PEŹZZ gg says:

    no way rhat said 96 headshot damage

  4. Pin this comment or else ill unsub

  5. Crip Killa says:

    It’s season one scar

  6. RSplays says:

    Can’t wait to use it and realize it takes skill

  7. lol Ez says:

    it’s a ak12 dumbass not a ak47

  8. Kelis Ego says:

    My xbox was updating all morning

  9. Copying creative destruction now?

  10. In fortnite since a lot of people have the default skins they should let them pick which default skin to wear instead of random like if u agree

  11. Diogo Lara says:

    Quem é Br da Joinha?

  12. Denis Ngara says:

    Pin this comment or else ??

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