Streamers *SHOCKED* By NEW Healing Animations! – Big Change! (Fortnite Moments)

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In this video Streamers React and are Shocked by the new Healing Animation / Shield Animation with Medkits, bandages, Mini Shield, Half Pot, & Slurp Juice In Fortnite! Fortnite Battle Royale Best Moments, Highlights & Fortnite Funny Moments & Daily Best Moments!

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Intro Song: SPACE DASH by…

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22 Responses

  1. Maria says:

    Took em about 8 seasons

  2. Light this is your comment but I’m correcting you. It actually can kill thanos if it falls on him

  3. Arab Skiller says:

    What is the name of the intro song?

  4. Reinji says:

    I got killed by Comikaze at 7:177:25

  5. RainZZ Z says:

    pops it with her mouth…..

  6. turtle mafia says:

    Anybody know the outro song?

  7. Messor says:

    6:13 this man don't give a fuck.

  8. Fortnite is dead apex is better

  9. FrenzyBoi says:

    Spongebob: "This calls for an E X T R E M E T H I R S T "

  10. Portland 667 says:

    The new animations disorient me

  11. Why did you stop showing them heal

  12. That scream for courage falling

  13. Tom K says:

    Wow there so shocked

  14. TheRealMVP says:

    3:19 is the cringiest thing I have ever seen epic please destroy fortnite.

  15. TheRealMVP says:

    Cringy intro please kys

  16. Finlay Carr says:

    This is a poggers update

  17. Chasto Pr says:

    A lo que viniste no?

  18. Ben Roe says:

    does anyone know the intro song? I wanna hear the whole thing

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