Super Shredder | MAXED PERK | Patch 5.0 News | Fortnite #117

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23 Responses

  1. Godamn this dude is entertaining lol

  2. FinkleDaddy says:

    Is headshot explosion good too?

  3. Nigger says:

    what’s the difference between headshot dmg and crit dmg

  4. JosefoxPlayZ says:

    How do you get so much legendary perk up?

  5. Potato says:

    I can tell u watch dashie games

  6. I’m quoting save the world I got scammed for my whole inventory and I have a little bit of stuff left, would like to give you my recourses and even tho while I watch your videos I’ll be sad due to the fact I got scammed my gamertag is


    On the Xbox one^

  7. Can u craft me some guns? I can hook u up with the mats, my gamer tag is HGT Drew

  8. Speed Spidey says:

    Nooooo im going away on vacation!!! Today!!!!

  9. Donald Redd says:

    Crit rate, reload speed, energy, crit damage, damage to afflicted, and 6s affliction. Using reclaimer in support.

  10. Fatal__ Xan says:

    Can you do a compare video with bald eagle and falcon and tell us your thoughts?

  11. Donald Redd says:

    I like what u doing on here. Can I run some games with u? Ps4 DREDDLINE

  12. Froge says:

    Do you play on x box

  13. bebo killer says:

    It's going to be the drum gun that comes out

  14. Say word. Thanx for the video fam. I like your charisma and energy on your channel. Its dope !!!

  15. julio cabral says:

    i did fire rate too, i like it alot

  16. I Made mine to 130 no element and maxed perks

  17. Undead Playz says:

    I think headshot elims cause a small explosion is better than affliction

  18. Nevan Clark says:

    How do you get so good I'm stuck on one mission in plankerton

  19. Carlos L says:

    I made the mine whit energy and obsidian and it has more impact and damage than my hydra. Excelent progressive weapon as well

  20. I put energy and +40% headshot damage to mist monsters on my gun☺️?

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