Super Tries To Play Reaper! – Overwatch Streamer Moments Ep. 554

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Super Tries To Play Reaper! – Overwatch Streamer Moments Ep. 554

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42 Responses

  1. Hey SKIESTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Chipsa iS just a big baby. Seriously if you do the same rollout on the same map that most doomfist players use, best believe people are going to check those spots

  3. EmiNator115 says:

    Yo Fresh! I have a question. Is there a good fn clip without Argee???

  4. Alex_Admiral says:

    Can I take over the 1:50 seconds for one day, please?

  5. HypeCharlie says:

    Can you please do a dual commentary with daily dose of internet or some other streamer

  6. Spicy Ramen says:

    Day 3 of asking freshnuts what his favourite soup is (mine is broccoli and Stilton)

  7. Satan says:

    what the fuck i got confused when i saw his discord image cause its the same as mine lol

  8. Ultrawup says:

    Keep doing interviews, you will keep getting better at it 😀

  9. Marcus Allen says:

    How do you think the future of OWL looks?

  10. ekkos says:

    Actually about to ask why javion hasn't been featured with how much Bart is

  11. Ace Hoxu says:

    4:18 god chipsa is such a baby whiny bitch that’s a reason why i hate him he’s a toxic person who doesn’t deserve to have the popularity he does

  12. J E N S says:

    0:58 boi that was surefour not chipsa

  13. Toxic Sl4yer says:

    “Plug whatever you want”

  14. Hey freshnuts do you need healing?

  15. PilotOW says:

    You’ve resorted to console clips, FreshNuts… How could you…

  16. まる says:

    At 5:39 racoon climbed from gold to plat, she's a real good dps only struggle is game sense but we love her ?

  17. Astronexz says:

    Hey Freshnuts i want you to choose any spray and that spray will become the international sign for FRESHNUTS! So go ahead and choose one so that people can put down the spray so they dont have to skream FRESHNUTS and wake their mom up

  18. Mr Fresh, will you be willing to cast some scrim games?

  19. chris says:

    Arrge can’t help himself but say freshnuts everytime he gets a kill that’s remotely above average, he needs the clout

  20. Im_Wasteland says:

    i cant be the only one who finds arrge the most annoying streamer on planet earth. "ohhh thats a freshnuuts"

  21. Coma VII says:

    You should do a separate series where instead of doing streamer moments, you do community moments where us as viewers send in clips where we pop off and stuff

  22. Awkward Jewz says:

    Got remonetized and he’s back to stretching it to 10 mins let’s go ?

  23. jhemp theman says:

    Do you say "freshhnuuts!!" whenever you pop off?

  24. Fantasyy says:

    If you could have a spongebob character as a overwatch character, who would it be?

  25. Randome Dude says:


    much love freshnuts

  26. Im fat says:

    do an Arrge impression

  27. L P says:

    4:40 Hell yeah brother Kkona

  28. Daman says:

    I have a hatred for chipsa he’s way too cocky then he complains like a little bitch

  29. SoaR Kayjii says:

    Takin' out the glock boys

  30. Please stop putting arrge in freshnuts

  31. Bart's voice is aids.

  32. That Chipsa impression from random guy was absoloootley dredfoool..

  33. Comix says:

    Entry permit 77777777 immigrating for good dise of l_?

  34. 검은상어 says:

    Do you think Necros would use cheating?

  35. Arrge needs a smurf named FRESHNUTSSSSSSS

  36. Redshell on Ana, Oh N Omegalul

  37. Yeah… Babtiste's Immortality drone's physics are kind of… Weird

  38. AceSpider says:

    Gimme a shoutout in your video. 🙂

  39. That kabaji stick was sone of the sickest shit ive ever seen

  40. cheesewizard says:

    chipsa never has fun

  41. Kiên Lâm says:

    please, he saying freshnut too much. lame !!

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