Tfue got MAD & canceled his subscription to Cloak after this… | Fortnite Best Moments

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37 Responses

  1. That thumbnail tho??????

  2. JohnnyBoy says:

    Does anyone want to add me so we can play together? Because I could really do with some practice?

  3. Boston _K says:

    Bro! Come on man, you guys are friends! You are 2 of the best players in the world! Stop fighting over silly little things! You are the two main players in Faze! Nobody is as good as you in pop-up cups! Stop fighting before it actually becomes serious!

  4. RGS KingCast says:

    Cloak: there’s no p in subscribe even I know that, go back to math class ?

  5. Ty says:

    Holy shit cloak got me dead ??

  6. ark 99919 says:

    Today I learnt how to spell ? in my math class

  7. Harry says:

    Tfue didn’t get mad at cloak he probably resubbed after.

  8. is there a video where you don't have tfue in the thumbnail?

  9. flightx3aa says:

    you literally can't unsub clickbait twitch highlight channel

  10. Ight boys time to dislike the videos for being bad

  11. Watch all the 10 year olds unsub to cloak because tfue did.

  12. UTube Gaay says:

    Hahaha love cloak. So funny

  13. Ryan White says:

    How did cloak talk to Tfue when they weren't in same session or discord

  14. Proly _ says:

    Dude this is literally BCC video but you changed the res lmao learn to make content

  15. Yeeter says:

    Fortnite for head that’s nasty

  16. Ders a snake in my boot

    ( look at profile pic )

  17. 9:50 that just shows what you must be able to do in order not to die by bots spraying you in season 8… pretty sure 99% of players can't do the same and would just die by those bots

    ye i'd die too ;(

  18. _JESUS_ ROD. says:

    i wonder why the channel is named fortnite 4 head?….?

  19. Axel Lopez says:

    Something me tell the fortnite guy to expose this guy

  20. AaronYT says:

    Bet u wont pin this… also love the vids!

  21. Big Nic says:

    that guy that kept saying hello was hella annoying

  22. TripleD6ix says:

    bro i fuckn love cloak??? “ cAn u hOsT mE” headass.. tfue’s reaction makes this better lmaoo nice vid bruh

  23. Josh Green says:

    Wow tfue was soooooooo pissed? These channels need to get banned

  24. Classic vv says:

    Fake air pods thanks for 20 sec ad and 20 sec fake ass air pod promotion

  25. Honestly im reporting this channel

  26. predux4win says:

    Read this as an poem, not as song

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I just got CLICKBAITED
    So did you.

  27. Kunai Fall says:

    3:13 Yeah Tfue go back to math class to learn how to spell subscribe……you know because they teach spelling in Math

  28. CuRe_Drips says:

    Why Tfue is always in your thumbnails

  29. Risk says:

    CloaK is to funny lmao

  30. ODDJUSTICE says:

    Who else does the twist emote at the end of the video

  31. CakeGamer9 says:

    Nice one steals content then makes fake air pods for sale ?

  32. jujuthagreat says:

    Can you actually talk when your in the lobby?

  33. Chef Curry says:

    I’ll make a bet if the next video on this channel doesn’t have Tfue in the title I’ll turn gay

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