That’s an Aimbot, see you on the front page of Reddit IDIOT! – TimTheTatMan (Overwatch)

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CHEAP GAMES (Overwatch, Call of Duty, Battlefront 2, Destiny 2)

Not my gameplays, Just a big Tim Supporter!

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Destiny 2 Tips

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17 Responses

  1. Flash_760 says:

    Anybody who starts to kick his ass has to be using aimbot lol.

  2. CoopDuhvil says:

    Engaging with anyone as Junkrat at mid-range equals guaranteed death… especially a Widow.

  3. smokejosh says:

    When he sang the ssx tricky song I felt so happy that someone else knows that game

  4. John Smith says:

    Who else remembers sxx tricky the snowboarding game? The original was the best game of all time

  5. "EHH… don't touch me! Don't touch me! No touch, no touch, no
    touch!" Lol

  6. Omeer Damer says:

    The hacker replay is in the minute 22:22

    thank me later

  7. iamkitkatbar says:

    Literally throwing as Genji

  8. Why is he still playing this stale game. This game got boring to watch pretty fast. It is not a fun game to play everyday. I wish he would play something else

  9. cubstheboss says:

    Wow no corrupted sound with the music finally

  10. IceColdK 94 says:

    10elims in a whole round :v timthethrowman ?

  11. Ghostman2828 says:

    This title is so clickbait

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