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I haven’t cleared the Forge yet…or have I? Stay tuned to find out. But, in the mean time what is your best loadout for forge slaying? This is mine.







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18 Responses

  1. Tim H says:

    Perfect paradox. Ringing nail (rampage/dragonfly/rampage spec mod). Thunderlord. Sentinel titan (middle tree). Synthoceps. Destroys all.

  2. Volundr – Breakneck, EP. Shotty, thunderbird
    Gofannon – Curated Tranfiguration, Riskrunner, Hammerhead

  3. I’ve been going in with breakneck, Prometheus lens (masterworked), hammer head, running blade barrage, and shards of galanor

  4. I run dust rock, Polaris lance, hammerhead along with skullfort titan.

  5. Vid shoulda been titled “my best loadout” not “the best loadout” dude!

    I use insurmountable skullfort for Titan and Phoenix protocol for warlock then breakneck, Ikelos and sleeper/thunderlord. Haven’t touched my hunter yet. Any tips?

  6. Breakneck, Ikeelos shot gun and boreal is sniper rifle

  7. The best forge loadout:

    curated threat level (majors don't have shields, trench barrel to conserve ammo)

    Curated nation of beasts (Firefly spec preferred, wipes low tier add as fast as a special weapon or faster)

    Whisper of the worm (boss DPS, Colossus DPS)

    If warlock: Bottom tree dawnblade (amazing constant kills, can last very long)

    If Titan: missile subclass with skullfort (amazing low-medium tier ad clear, can wipe ads that drop balls in 1 melee)

    Hunter: tether (constant low tier ad stopping, bonus dmg to major ads whilst using threat level)

  8. Pillager smg with zen moment/rampage, Ikelos shotty, thunderlord, drops the gofannon forge boss with a minute to spare.

  9. Going to need more than power level to beat that, also need to do the fight properly. Go into the side caves and use cover of the boxes. Then all adds funnel to him and you keep a burn type nade up on boss to clear adds. Whisper or another sniper rifle works well on him then. It a peta to matchmake this encounter because it only takes 1 person to not be in position to mess the encounter up.

    Your second time you almost caused the loss for other guys because you where turning the mob and could not get head shoots, need to keep him facing same direction.

  10. Tony Fulton says:

    I use the same layout, my Duke also is outlaw and rampage

  11. Insurmountable Skullfort with Arc code of missile
    Toil and Trouble
    QUICK POWERFUL KILLS (it's a race against the clock)
    Telesto and Hammerhead are the ranged weapons for the boss and sometimes I'll flank the boss with my Toil and Trouble

  12. Twiztd Chaos says:

    Did I hear " you dont know where I've been Lou!" In there? Love it

  13. AllanHesson says:

    I used riskrunner bygones & edge transit on my warlock with veritys brow . using my arc grenade to proc the arc conducter perk mowing down all ads basically my gambit loadout works in that mode for the forge. well done on getting the machine gun D.F.A

  14. Grind to at least 608-610

  15. Go Figure
    Ikelos Shotty
    Whisper or Hammerhead

  16. malik2321 says:

    Grinding power , til 610 , much easier

  17. Will Rogers says:

    Anything below 610 and it’s a real struggle man

  18. My fave load out is breakneck,telesto and the new machine gun hammerhead?

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