The Complete Beginners Guide To Pokemon Go (Everything To Know)

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In this guide I will teach you the beginners to everything of the basics you know to know for Pokemon Go.
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26 Responses

  1. Nishu Jakhar says:

    when I start the game I get myself stand on the pokemon and I also can not move so how can I get down from pokemon

  2. DIZZY HIPPY says:

    I cant click on the starter pokemon

  3. I cannot catch them i dont know how to do

  4. Draethius says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! and I just have to add; you sound a lot like that bat Bartok from Anastasia…

  5. Thisdidnt work.they were inside of me

  6. Jack Bingham says:

    6750 6687 3220 add me I play every day with gifts for all of you ! Lol. 6750 6687 3220 Pr0ffess0r is the name.

  7. Krillinish2 says:

    I’m a new player and I gotta say half way through this video I was just more confused.

  8. Its not letting me do anything cuz its in my legs so I can't do anything

  9. TdoGamer says:

    I’m new to pokemon go and I have a question , what is the reason to level up a Pokemon ? What is the difference between different Pokemon’s and why would I need them to be stronger ?

  10. I tried to pick one all 3 of them are stacked on each other

  11. "Remember to be aware of your surroundings at all times." You know why they say that….

  12. Vy Nguyễn says:

    I can’t click on the Pokémon

  13. Ed Muise says:

    Hi:I am new too pokemon Go,looking for tips or help too gte better.

  14. On my game, I cant move around and all the starters are jumbled up inside eachother so I cant catch one

  15. Esther says:

    I just downloaded Pokemon Go for my kids and they love it! I know I'm behind the trend. I found your video most helpful thank you.

  16. i can not pokemon plese tell me how to play

  17. I play Pokèmon GO while walking my dogs

  18. king shiba says:

    it’s called a pokestop not a pokespot

  19. Oof Oof says:

    I couldnt do it because all of the pokemon on the tutorial were together in one spot and i was in the same spot. ???

  20. Your Reaper says:

    All the comments I see are 'PokeStops not Pokespots '

  21. His English is so terrible haha, it is hard to understand.

  22. Lunkyful says:

    Traveling by bus is also good to get around.

  23. Dead Birdy says:

    What do you do when the starter Pokémon are all stuck together?

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