The NEW Fortnite Map is AMAZING!! (Fortnite Season 7 Gameplay)

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44 Responses

  1. Even though nothing crazy happened it was still so entertaining, love it

  2. Andrew Jons says:

    Who else is super annoyed on how he doesn’t know how to release a balloon when it says how to on the screen

  3. Don't get people who buy all the tiers on release date, takes away the fun

  4. What's next in fortnite trains

  5. Who is thst guy called faze agony

  6. Mxsty says:

    what happened to u playing pc

  7. Faze agony ….please react to (xKaimma the finale)
    And (Cod 4 filly I'm legend) I was checking and no one has reacted to them

  8. Joe Mixco says:

    Ohhhhhh season 7 like if u ready

  9. Cynsthetic says:

    Haha GG boys! Season 7 is dope already

  10. Joel Vlogs says:

    If you like funny black ops 4 videos/Vlogs, look at my channel!!!

  11. Ben Ziebarth says:

    lol most boring game of fortnite i've ever seen

  12. damn he really needs money I guess

  13. Anton Freyr says:

    First huge update he says

  14. Kynd says:

    Play fortnite more plz this is. Funny

  15. Foustty says:

    Bro just don't play this game we want call of duty.

  16. StoRm FFA says:

    Nigga do you really need 8 ads on one fucking video?

  17. Hey guys I'm an artist just trying to get my music out there can you check me out and give me some feedback I'd really appreciate it ❤️

  18. Connor Ramos says:

    How the character check up the gun in ps4? or does it by it self ?????

  19. Alex P1mbles says:

    “That 5 extra health is gonna help out” when he is on 71 health using bandages ?

  20. NFC_boiz says:

    Rip all the snow in season 8

  21. Wii sports resort ???lmao

  22. XGhostlyX says:


  23. Gwalla Bear says:

    Kitty sounded so irritated lol

  24. Wow! That's a nice 0 kills you got there…..???

  25. I bought the battle pass already….???

  26. Good job Agony wish I could find a lobby with dumbass’s like them lol

  27. Quiq says:

    7:38 when it says to press X to release a balloon XD

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