The New MAX LUXE SKIN in Fortnite.. (Gold Luxe Tier 100 Skin)

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Fortnite LUXE Skin Max Gold Stage Gameplay! The Tier 100 LUXE Skin in Fortnite Battle Royale! Luxe Emote & Gold Max Stage in Fortnite! Luxe Gold Backbling, Emote & Skin!
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The New MAX HYBRID SKIN in Fortnite..

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42 Responses

  1. GhostNinja says:

    New GOLD LUXE SKIN in Fortnite! Rate 1 – 10 in the Comments!
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  2. I gif the gold luxe a 7

  3. my fortnite name is troytroy2018

  4. And I want the 13,000 v bucks

  5. My name is team-handsome 691

  6. bossatronio13 that’s my epic games username

  7. SKTheDue says:

    My name is Fluesmæk Vsauce

  8. My epic name is youtube_jahmil

  9. LiljeHolmarN is my gamertag

  10. xKARSx and i play on Xbox one

  11. CJ Pace says:

    OMG! I was in your game at 3:04 wearing the Kuno skin, and you vanished which is why I noticed..

  12. My gamertag is stop faking giveaways kid

  13. SMG_ Vegito says:

    There is another one on this ruff 2:24??

  14. Congrats on the Luxe skin hope you had fun getting it and I liked and subscribed, I'm TheFinderofAll12.

  15. Thomas Bevan says:

    Please do me my name is FastTomJB

  16. Grant Rud says:

    Xbox one Headedcartoon98

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