The New SILENCED SNIPER Gameplay in Fortnite..

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NEW SILENCED SNIPER RIFLE Gameplay Fortnite Battle Royale. New Fortnite UPDATE! Update brings new Sniper Rifle, The return of the dual wield pistols and much more!

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32 Responses

  1. Hollow says:

    I kinda like this sniper..

  2. Next:suppressed shot gun

  3. Willy Boi says:

    (Epic games). "Breathes"

    (everyone). ItS OVErPoWErD

  4. Snipers dont have damage fall off hollow

  5. tahg eiw says:

    Eddie is kinda a asshole ?

  6. Jordan Jones says:

    Is anbu op ghost ur nephew

  7. Idea for a video.."Playing Creative with fans". I have a pretty cool island and my squad isn't weird or anything. You could bring some of your peeps over too. We could have up to 19 players I think. We're not quite on your skill level though. It'd also be a better in game video to display this new sniper. Let me know bro

  8. Leo 04 says:

    Sucky myyour like snake in cave

  9. Logan Moore says:

    Fortnite is running out of ideas

  10. Nerf God says:

    Do an actual gameplay

  11. Frosty Clips says:

    i'm loving it like mcdonalds its so sick

  12. If snipers were actually hitscan rather then projectile i would love them so much.

  13. Must1344 says:

    Hollow WHY have u not made A clan yet and if u make one Can i join

  14. It is kind of weak but good for sniping without being seen

  15. I made a free for all arena ,when I figure out when to get my own island code I’ll give it to you

  16. gimeryTFI says:

    i got ten kills with this sniper

  17. Carl Winslow says:

    I think this is how you should review all the new weapons. Gives everyone more insight on damage, bullet drop, reload speed etc. ????

  18. Carlos Hill says:

    He should of did a regular video….. this playground video was boring

  19. SlumpGod010 says:

    Hollow was low key gettin annoyed with he’s nephew shooting him?

  20. Why does hollow always put 2 dots and the end of every title?

  21. EXP_ surge says:

    Does Ghost have a YouTube channel ?he seems so chill

  22. Do any of you guys miss when hollow screamed welcome back in the beginning of his videos

  23. Zexity says:

    Hey hollow so there is a leaked video of the frozen renagade raider and the new emotes and i think you should make a video about this skin

  24. Young Savage says:

    When you shoot does the bullet go down like the regular bolt?

  25. Lmao d sweats r getting to hollow

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