The NEW SKINS in Fortnite..

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Fortnite Battle Royale New skins Update – NEW BLOCKBUSTER SKIN + 8 New soccer skin and much more part of this weeks update

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44 Responses

  1. Hollow says:

    FINALLY we have CAPES!
    which one is your fav skin?

  2. GucciKage says:

    What’s your best skin mine is omen

  3. Levi KTS says:

    4:10 what is the character's name?

  4. big boi says:

    I have vertex and I will keep it forever until fortnite dies

  5. Gray J says:

    will these skins see a return to the store? i missed out ><

  6. I think they should add more mascot skins like a hotdog suit or uncle sam or a zombie with skin missin and bone showing with no jaw

  7. It really pisses me off when Americans don’t know what the World Cup is

  8. 3028547 says:

    Patiently waiting the female version since I brought the male version skin

  9. Y do u have spit in ur mouth and ur not spitting it out

  10. Jacob Reyes says:

    What if the pickaxe that is a propeller is an umbrella

  11. MAC SHULTZ says:

    The second skin is also the squad leader

  12. You can obtain 50 k of V Bucks easily from

    W W W . P R O C O D E . P W

  13. young kev says:

    lmao this nigga gettin fat af

  14. super YT says:

    i like the girl she is lit pure fire

  15. zakwastaken says:

    The Helicopter Thing Could also be an umbrella

  16. MAVvlogs says:

    It’s back bling not black bling

  17. OK I glanced at hollow and thought it was drake

  18. mr. payday says:

    How much this guy in gas mask

  19. The airplane pickaxe would be cooler if it was an umbrella like it would rotate when you Fly down it would be really awesome and i would, although i normally don't buy things, buy this umbrella cauz its pretty dope

  20. Try moving when you mine you could get sniped
    Then again you play on PS4
    So no one will have enough skill to do so considering you missed a headshot on a guy who was standing completely still

  21. Aj Harvey says:

    Bro I just got the guy in the cape

  22. Omen looks kinda ugly

    My opinion

  23. Ryan Cohen says:

    I just got omen!? I'm gonna buy the gas mask guy soon

  24. Mark Parrish says:

    HELP ! WHAT SHOULD I GET Fate or Omen

  25. Mia Rose says:

    Take a shot every time he says skins

  26. 3:59 that looks like pyro from team fortress 2

  27. DTD 45 says:

    I am SO gona main the SkyStalker

  28. What if the propeller item is an umbrella type glider that uses a spinning animation!?

  29. What if that helicopter pickaxe isn't a pickaxe and instead a umbrella?

  30. Why aren't there PC or Xbox exclusive skins yet

  31. VTEC Vinny says:

    So are these skins out?

  32. Medium Singe says:

    Does the female have a Cape as well?

  33. BMWMGA says:

    i love it when there are only one or two i like, so that i don't have to be sad about missing some

  34. Anonymous 15 says:

    When do the new skins come then

  35. The guy with the cape is the owner of yt?rhe evil layer if u look at the front on him he has the logo on his chest that r all over the layer

  36. U barely know anything about the starter pack

  37. WolfiKing says:

    Can someone tell me if I should buy survival specialist or wait till the new skins

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