The Overwatch Ripoff That Went Too Far

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Overwatch news and overwatch bootleg / clone game is being sued by blizzard china for essentialy taking huge elements of overwatch and putting them into a mobile game for ios and android ?️ Overwatch Gameplay & Funny Moments –


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29 Responses

  1. ohnickel says:

    Who wins? You Decide.

    Correction*: In the video I say the suit is against netease, it should be that they are suiing WITH netease. I may reiterate this correction in a future video as well!
    ?️ Overwatch Gameplay & Funny Moments –

  2. What's the name of the "mchanzo" hero?

  3. Flethe says:

    i need to get back into wow

  4. Lochrine -8 says:

    Could see this on the psp

  5. Jesto910 says:

    8:50 You predicted Immortal

  6. Vanda Nagy says:

    Diablo Immortal prediction was done here guys.

  7. rockerchair says:

    What I find interesting I see that they copied blizzard except they removed everyones ethnicities that arent White or Asian

  8. RB says:

    And this is the company that created diablo immortal? lololol

  9. jUppers says:

    honestly, judging from diablo immortal overwatch 2 should look exactly like this

  10. lol because they're gonna make a fuck ton of money, send it off somewhere, and nothing is gonna happen to anyone.

  11. The entire time I was like wtf

  12. Rashid says:

    and now they want them to make Diablo……

  13. holy shit. its actually overwatch. what the fuck

  14. your voice is sooo relaxing

  15. Overwatch has ragdoll and heroes of warfare doesnt have ragdoll

  16. Lime Gaming says:

    Hah Funny Joke, Blizzard making a Mobile only game? When would that happen? COUGH COUGH Blizzcon 2018 COUGH COUGH

  17. 1:43 mchanzo’s love child lmfao

  18. Midnight says:

    Did anyone else notice the scatter arrow symbol on the genji-like character that had the shurikens?

  19. I can't believe overwatch copied this

  20. Ukiyeo says:

    It got removed on Google play too but they still put the game back on even after the removal and suit and made it a Chinese version called shooter of war

  21. Retz says:

    Something I don't see anyone complaining about is how Paladins basically ripped off the heroes and abilities from Overwatch and just miss-matched them on their own characters… they didn't even attempt to make some of the abilities any different… and anyone who says Paladins didn't blatantly rip-off some (most) of Overwatch's ideas is in denial.

    The one example I'm going to give is their hero 'Androxus'.
    – Looks VERY similar to Reaper.
    – Has a revolver that you can either single fire or, you guessed it, fan the hammer.
    – Has a 'reversal' ability which is literally just Genji's deflect.
    – Has a dash ability, which again, is literally just Genji's dash.

    So they took the looks of Reaper, and the abilities of McRee and Genji, and then called it a day. How ANYONE can play Paladins and not immediately realize how much of a fucking rip-off it is beyond me. And that is only ONE of their heroes, quite literally ALL of their heroes has at least one ability that is a blatant copy of an ability in Overwatch.

  22. p3so says:

    The homework that changed a bit

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