This Is Why You Aren’t Getting Better At Fortnite! (Battle Royale Tips – Fortnite How To Get Better)

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In this video today is going to be a sort-of sequel to a video I released a few months ago during season 5 of Fortnite. It was tilted something along the lines “Here’s why you aren’t getting better at Fortnite” and it ended up being one of the most well-received and popular videos I’ve ever made. So, this video is basically going to be a follow-up, covering some of the new things I’ve learned about the process of improving as a Fortnite player over the last few months. Like I mentioned the…

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25 Responses

  1. My KD for season 7 and season 6 is like 2.5 last time I checked but when I was a noob I played a bunch of games and got no kills and because of that my overall KD isn’t even one.

  2. Youssef Ehab says:

    Subscribed u r awesome <3

  3. Did you see that near the end of the video the person knocked down had shield. On the ground!!

  4. Thanks, and aiming video would be cool

  5. Thank you for the advice. I now know how to improve as a fortnite player. I'm gonna start doing pop up cups.

  6. Welp thanks to you bro. Time to run the duo pop up cup

  7. BigChamp says:

    my kd is 0.50 and im playing since season 5 :/ my cousin is now insulting me because im bad and dont want to play with me

  8. I have a 1.22 KD this season

  9. Josh Bates says:

    my kd had dropped from a 3.5 to a 2.2 because of the pop up cups, what should i do? @

    GronKy Fortnite

  10. Ryley Pate says:

    Plz make a video of how to be on ur A game and play at ur best skill on fortnite

  11. ACeZ RaZor says:

    Do you use kontrol freeks? Great aim btw ur insane.

  12. JJ2 Smooth says:

    I never win in Fort, against average or skilled I'm always losing fights smh

  13. Son Goku says:

    I'm sad that they removed the dummies from playgrounds…They were soooo good.
    I play on PS4 with mouse and keyboard so I can't train any other way since I don't have my own pc so I can't download aiming applications to improve my gamd, because that's my only main problem rn…I used to train in playgrounds sometimes and it helped me really really much, but after they did this and I didnt play for a while it ruined my aim which was already garbage

  14. Damn some people are serious about fortnite

  15. I just had 11 kills and placed 3rd place….

  16. Sir FB says:

    2.5 kd, only just started playing season 7 after a good 2 month break. Haven’t played any pop up cups, might have to try.

  17. 2 or 5 kd got a 6 kill win today because of your vid thanks man

  18. Chrislaban says:

    I have good builds, bad aim

  19. Gavin C says:

    what is your jump button?

  20. Stoopidツ says:

    My kd is a 1.19 and it is because I choke a lot. I need to learn how to not choke and not get super nervous and my hands stop shaking. My friends and I consider me a good player, I can build good, I have good aim. Could you give me advice?

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