Tilted Towers: Samurai Rampage!! – Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay – Ninja

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23 Responses

  1. Putain le nombre de vue qu et à fait pour un abo de ninja gg my friend ??

  2. Your awesome I only play on PC so I can join your random duos

  3. julia suarez says:

    You know what I mean

  4. julia suarez says:

    because he no scoped somebody and myth did not so I would pick true

  5. Chingo Perez says:

    You the baddest ninja ?

  6. You ran past like 4 chests and 5 rifts that hadn’t been looked and were in the exact same place

  7. Team Alpha says:

    Well Done Team Alpha Gaming Loves it 🙂

  8. Juan Cerezo says:

    3:20 OH SHIT TRY HARD HE LIL' mad

  9. Craig says:

    And u may get sued fo putting ads in a copyright

  10. Craig says:

    Ninja ha 20 Millon

  11. Zuper Kanal says:

    Gamaplay super comentado por Ninja

  12. This is a replay of ninjas real vid this is fake chan

  13. Jeffy Fan says:

    When you shoot another player, how are you not dead at the time?

  14. Ninja someone on youtube somehow got ur yt channel name probs botted subs cuz he has same as you and in the fortnite stream saying hes live when hez not and trying to advertise his channel do you have a response

  15. If I trick you, you have to like this comment.

    Read more

  16. what do u play fortnite on

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