Top 5 DVA Tips To Rank Up Fast! | Overwatch Guide

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Top 5 DVA Overwatch Tips to rank up fast and learn how to play DVA like a pro with this overwatch guide. D.Va Tips and Tricks to win competitive games in season 9.

In this video we talk about:
Top 5 DVA Tips
Overwatch DVA Guide
Overwatch DVA Tips and Tricks


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38 Responses

  1. We are planning some awesome giveaways very soon! What kind of things would you guys like a chance to win?

  2. niken says:

    so dva is a kill stealer

  3. MTRG15 says:

    that last part of the video harrasing widowmaker, I laughed so hard at the bullying

  4. Oscar Smith says:

    Thx this helped so much

  5. is good at a lot, but really, a master of none. It takes a well rounded skill set to use her well. Good aim. Good gamesense. Good map knowledge. Good team cooperation. If you don't have all these things, your game is going to suffer heavily as she has nothing 'really strong' about her kit at all to make up for it.

  6. Elliot says:

    I tried to pay attention to the video, but I loved the Ghibli lofi too much.

  7. U Jean says:

    When you were getting the hanzo and than he ultra you should have d matrixed

  8. This video help me a lot! Cuz i'm a dva main >.<

  9. eta10tp1 says:

    I think not using D.VA.s ult as team buster ist not a good advice when you don't play at high elos because low or mid elos are not that organized and you'll loose faster than you can look…

  10. Great tips! Also loved the soft Ghibli soundtrack in the background(few of my favourites ;))

  11. Near Void says:

    Any help when people call out that i have no skill maining dva for 120+ hrs

  12. Do a bad guide so people do wrong things and I keep my tricks to myself and defeat them all ?

  13. sean Dude says:

    I already knew most of this information, but it was a good video to the concepts of how and when to attack as D.VA.
    Thank you.

  14. Ace says:

    It's quite a common misconception of when you should actually be using your ult for kills. You want to make the most use out of your kit in a fight before ulting, and try to avoid ulting at full health. If you know the enemy is grouped up in a pocket with no shield then just ult. When people say zoning ult they don't mean throw it in the middle of the area just for the enemy to run behind the nearest cover bc all you did was waste a 600hp meka.

  15. Amy Song says:

    don’t wanna be that person but what’s the song playing in the background ?

  16. Give me luck for next game on over wach

  17. Anteleaden says:

    Or just diva bomb to call down a new mecha at full health, diva has 1100hp not 600 if you have a bomb

    1100hp because I don’t think anyone can bomb at 0hp

  18. IKKIsama says:

    Maybe you're confusing i.e. and e.g.

  19. but im bad at aiming. what should i do.

  20. When your playing D. Va what's the recommended for the fire target in the middle..

  21. candycane says:

    Something that I used to do but got over is saving my ult forever if we have a zarya on my team so that we can combo, it actually puts your team in a bad spot since other dps like mccree or tracer can build their ults much quicker and you can have multiple ults per point rather than 1 ult that is dependent on where the zarya player places her grav

  22. strifE says:

    "Defense Matrix is an underutilized part of Dva's Kit."

    I don't think so.

  23. Dva's ult is also handy when you are taking high damage and you can escape in time and wont last long once you lose your meck. Just before you are forced out use the ult to push them back and so you can get cover. Then you will have a new meck to continue to fight or to regroup.

  24. I know its hard but these videos would be great if you had video examples of what you were saying as you were saying it, maybe with some stuff highlighted on the screen, like arrows or circles around what the hero is doing that you're talking about. Sometimes you're just showing random gameplay footage. I think that would take these tips to the next level. Cheers for the videos really helping me get better as i just started playing a few days ago.

  25. J-INFINITI says:

    I think dvas boosters should me like her matrix and moiras healing

  26. KevinGame3 says:

    I did everything I tried but it still is not working I keep lowering my rank thanks to freaking Brigette shield bash or some other heroes are trying to stop me from doing that

  27. Don't understand shit, but thanks x)

  28. Stusstrupp says:

    Now unfortunately obsolete due to Hanzo buff and Brigitte 🙁

  29. this aint working out so great for me

  30. refuxster says:

    I want this playlist! Amazing songs, man!

  31. DVA body shield is love! :3 ❤️

  32. I'd wish everyone in bronze wanted to rank up as much as I want ?

  33. I agree with the ultimate point but what about with zaryas ult

  34. Smoses says:

    Maining her since the open beta

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