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Please watch: “2000 JEDI KNIGHTS vs 6000 STORM TROOPERS Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator”
Listing the top 5 SHINY MAgikarp spawns. Limited Water event ending soon.
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31 Responses

  1. Plz anyone tell the place where I will get shiny magikarp?

  2. i want a golden magikarp please

  3. FLW Videos says:

    I think people can still catch it

  4. Dee says:

    I got a gold magikarp yesterday by the Santa Monica pier

  5. Sam Sullivan says:

    I got I,,,,,,,??????????????

  6. nice fit says:

    why cant play on laptop . can anyone share?

  7. GRIMMdark says:

    caught a shiny magikarp on my 20th or so magikarp catch during the event. was getting ready to get on the bus and was totally caught by surprise haha

  8. Cadsop says:

    Shinies are the going, they'll be here forever but for those of us who don't live in a water biome this is our best chance at getting a shiny magikarp

  9. Rigby Born says:

    Where is the description

  10. Sparkplug 28 says:

    If anyone knows how to record Pokémon without are shou plz tell me the app

  11. Sparkplug 28 says:

    Hey plz here me out how do u record Pokémon airshou isn't working can u plz tell me what u use to record ur Pokémon Gameplay

  12. Colby Ricker says:

    still don't have shiny magikarp

  13. Romona Royse says:

    It ends on Wed the 29 th at 1:00 pm

  14. Mike Ward says:

    Water Event ends March 29, 2017 at 4PM Eastern Standard Time

  15. What's the coordinates?!?

  16. sorry to say but its not the same like the pikachu.. the pikachu didnt exist in the mains games with he hat.. shiny existist.. they will not remove it.. they will add the rest of the shinyes..actually red gyarados is the first obtaineble shiny in pokemon games.. there were others in pokemon silver and gold but.. they were very are.. based on luck.. red cyarados was for everyone … 100 percent

  17. pier 39 ddd says:

    which is the 1st place known as I can't hear it clearly

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