Top Ten Favourite Overwatch Heroes

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Haven’t done a video with the word “favourite” in the title for a while. My life has been lacking the sense of completeness that can only be found from people saying that I don’t know how to spell the word “favourite”.

My computer can’t run and record Overwatch at the same time so I used some footage from people with better equipment than me. Go check them out if you haven’t already:

Unit Lost:

overwatch update

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36 Responses

  1. This makes me want to go try to play Overwatch.

  2. 4 Ways to Hate Lucio

    1: The
    2: Floor
    3: Is
    4: Lava

    Took me OVER 2 YEARS
    Now I like him

  3. Benbot16 says:

    "Use more explosives" is the best advice ever.

  4. Uggh i want overwatch until i realize its dead already and im broke. . . Having no money sucks

  5. Wailmore says:

    First hero I played was Bastion. Fuck crawling in my skin, omnix for life

  6. SweetPapa says:

    Who is your least favourite

  7. Gicma O_O says:

    "Life is pain, let me show you." Is possible the coolest thing I've ever heard.

  8. My Top 10
    10. Roadhog
    9. Tracer
    8. Sombra
    7. Junkrat
    6. Reinhardt
    5. Reaper
    4. Winston (I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this)
    3. Genji
    2. Bastion
    1. Lucio

  9. Someone404 says:

    My top 5:
    5: Reaper
    4: Zarya
    3: Brigitte
    2: D.Va
    1: Genji

  10. Paddy 2890 says:

    Mei has definitely earned her 3 star difficulty. >_>

  11. Why Did u Put pharah every were

  12. And now there's Orisa, and Doomfist, and Moira, and within the week, Brigitte.

  13. overwatch is a ton of fun, and tf2 in comparison looked like a dying corpse of a video game. But after a while of doing the same things in overwatch, it just got boring and dull not to mention repetitive. However going back to tf2 after a year of overwatch…it was like a breath of fresh air to me

  14. Lycanskull says:

    Might need an update, here…

  15. Andrew Cox says:

    reinhardt was my favorite character in overwatch, he's fun to be and it can make for hilarious clips, like charging into the control point but no one bats an eye while you go ballistic on anything nearby, that happened to me, and considering it was the first day i played the game, i was pointed to the tanks for a good reason, high health, good damage, and some people may be dumb enough not to shoot the reinhardt who isn't using his shield

  16. Kalli T says:

    Road hog lives in Australia but I think he's from New Zealand…

  17. Peppers515 says:

    The voice actress for Tracer is English…….

  18. pkslider725 says:

    "…But when you can blow her out of her mech, that's when the REVENGE happens." Amused me WAY more than it should have. XD

  19. Crystalitar says:

    i refuse to play tracer. Like i avoid playing scout.

    – zenyatta
    – orisa
    – Symmetra
    – dva
    – Thjornborn
    – junkrat
    – mei

  20. Sound can help heal in theory. Cat's purrs helps their bones grow stronger

  21. SkySlasher says:

    I'm sticking to TF2 I like being able to customize my character

  22. Carolyn says:

    My favourite hero is Symmetra

  23. Cody Hines says:

    Only just figured out he said Gaming Gremlin not This game and Gremlin.

  24. Emilia Antti says:

    Anyone got a guess who could be the least favourite hero for Rabbid??? ?

  25. 15:02 I nearly choked on my freaking tea.

    Also as A Lucio main I approve of this

  26. First time I played, I picked Zenyatta

  27. Georgi says:

    My favorite overwatch character is mccree

  28. MY BOI GENJI! Also Mei is bai

  29. and this summarize the day that one of the greats left one of the greatest games of all time rabbidluigi TF2 rip I hope one day you will return Heroes never die

  30. #1 is Lucio
    the support DJ with wall running thunder thighs
    truly an inspiration to all

  31. 8:13 "By the 109th time".

    Isaac reference or intentional?

  32. GamerX705 says:

    17:01 because Uncharted 4 was that year

  33. Mokocchi says:

    Story time

    I was playing a game and the enemy D Va used her ult and our Reinhardt was sheilding, and as soon as the ult got close he closed the shield and tried to run. I left that game

  34. "More characters than TF2" True, but it has nothing in comparison to its customization. "But we have customization, we have skins and emblems" Well we also have that plus different weapons for each class for new play styles and even buffs. Plus our skins and hats are direct buy instead of viva las loot box simulator.

  35. DM Darren says:

    And no one has made a top 100 for the game, bull…sh(t

  36. DM Darren says:

    '22 characters' well Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 has over 100

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