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#Trust #Gambit
Trust me this is a good one
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42 Responses

  1. Larkon GD says:

    10:09 this screen makes me feel like I'm dead and I get confused

  2. ok so I have grinded over 100 matches gambit and havent gotten it :DDDDD ;(

  3. I have prestiged twice and it still has not dropped. What the fuck bungie?

  4. sokmin says:

    you're pretty bad at this game

  5. marvelolo 12 says:

    Must you have forsaken for Trust?

  6. MsDommo09 says:

    The Trust I got is bullshit with bullshit perks, and HANDLING masterwork which is also bullshit., I wish you can swap masterworks perks like you could before Forsaken.

  7. SavagePlays says:

    Nice chaperone gameplay

  8. I played gambit since launch and havent gotten any handcanon . I got 2 hazard of cast and 13 scout rifles but no handcanon. Max rank reset 2 times but no trust. This is bullshit

  9. How do u get the hand cannon?????

  10. West of sunfall 7 is the best hand cannon and with the buff to the auto reload with only 3 seconds you can switch to a pulse or a shotgun and switch back with a full clip. It’s still my go to kinetic handcannon even with all of the new meta guns. I’ve actually made my trust into a West sunfall 7. I think my roll is almost perfect. Here a look at my trust.

    Full bore
    Drop mag
    Target adjuster mod

    I’ve put my graviton lance down for this weapon. The only down side is getting out ranged, but if you get rampage rolling you can destroy guardians. I’m starting to like rampage over kill clip tbh. The reason why is because even with drop mag the reloading of trust is longer for multiple tangos engagements and I feel if I shoot and kill with four critical hits I have enough to continue the gun fight with a damage boost from rampage and if I run out of bullets drop mag will still reload me fast. With kill clip I would have to reload in the middle of the beginning of another engagement before getting the damage buff and that could cost me the gunfight

    Of course Luna’s howl is the best but with the right perks this gun can compete imo

  11. louis1716 says:

    what is that heavy weapon at 4:03?

  12. Lol you are so lucky to play against so many bad people who dont have sleeper

  13. Shane Creel says:

    I got my with polygonal rifling, snapshot sights and explosive payload spec’ed for stability with stability masterwork. The spec bars are identical to Luna’s Howl. It’s amazing don’t even think it’s worth grinding for Luna’s Howl now.

  14. Chibify Dino says:

    how exactly do you get it? im at 2600 points for gambit

  15. would outlaw and rapid hit with handling masterwork be a God roll?

  16. Mercy Rule says:

    I just got a Trust today! It had an increse range and stability barrel and Outlaw. Really like this weapon. It also had Hip Fire accuracy which isn't super good but I guess itll probably help at some point

  17. EmmetSparks says:

    How do you get it ove legit only played gambit sens forsaken came out

  18. Sean Parrish says:

    I'm not much of a hand cannon user at all.. but I fell in love with this gun. Feels so nice.

  19. I cant get this damn gun…

  20. AFRO SAMURAI says:


  21. AFRO SAMURAI says:


  22. bvbui says:

    I ever see you in my PvP game coming at me with that piece.. I'm outta there. Haha
    Need to farm now. Cheers !

  23. Zyfous says:

    i got rapid hit and dragon fly is it worth keeping or keep on grinding for a new one

  24. Fish Bait says:

    Better than Luna's howl

  25. Zminte says:

    Does it drop only for the secondary slot?

  26. vallo220 says:

    Lmao yup fuck this gun….. I'm almost ready to fucking reset and still haven't got this.

    Yet!!!!!!!! My lame ass friend gets it his second match with good perks. I'm completely pissed lol.

  27. I do the exact combo chaperone and trust

  28. I need to get this ;-;

  29. I can’t be the only who doesn’t like how this handcannon feels,I use the ace of spades since it’s got more kick and if a handcannon doesn’t give enough of a kick then it just doesn’t feel as strong.

  30. This just dropped for me as my powerful reward for the week. Dropped with Outlaw and rampage. 😀

  31. Rooster 9000 says:

    What shader on the thumbnail ?

  32. viviciuszn says:

    I got a very similar roll, but no rapid hit, its sad 🙁

    Between ace of spades and trust (tactical mag + opening shot + explosive rounds), which you would preffer? Im grinding my luna but its been hard to choose a good HC

  33. Ilja Cepelov says:

    Got one with “dragonfly” and “explosive payload” damn it’s good in PvE. Haven’t tested in pvp

  34. John Jensen says:

    I rolled outlaw and rampage on my trust with acurized rounds and a handling mastery

  35. Keenan Lewis says:

    I got the same perks just with rifled barrel?

  36. Brandomite says:

    Mine has explosive rounds

  37. Kian Johnson says:

    How do you get the trust

  38. Tomas Rego says:

    I have the exact same role, it's a beast in PvP

  39. Wade Parker says:

    I accidentally dismantled ?

  40. I got 1 with explosive payload. It's better than better devils

  41. HustlerWolf says:

    I have triple tap and rampage with MW for range as well with radar tuner as too. The rampage puts it on another level. Very fast shooter nice impact. I think I got a good roll. Oh yea…your kills are sweet.

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